Ludlow's The Bringewood: A picturesque venue for love

The Bringewood Wedding – Aneira & Al

Ludlow's The Bringewood: A picturesque venue for love

“We are so over the moon with our wedding photos, Lisa achieved exactly the style we were wishing for. Even on a rainy autumn day Lisa managed to capture the beauty of the Herefordshire countryside and we have photos to treasure for ever.”

Aneira and Al got married in September at the unusual Bringewood, which is a modern venue in Ludlow. They had their ceremony at the Methodist Church in Craven Arms, which is a beautiful relaxed setting for a ceremony. It was a beautiful day and even the weather played ball!

The vows

The ceremony was a beautiful service in a nearby church in Craven Arms. The Methodist Church in Craven Arms is beautiful and light which always makes for really great images. During the ceremony they had several beautiful readings from friends and family. It was such a personal service and everyone loved it. Aneira and Al included their dog, Buddy in their ceremony which I loved. My dog is also called buddy (he’s not as well behaved as their Buddy though!). Bud wore the most beautiful garland of flowers around his neck for their service. He didn’t come to their reception as it would have been too hectic for him, so we made the most of him being there for the ceremony and took lots of photographs of him before and after.

After the ceremony

The reception was in a beautiful room at The Bringewood. They chose the venue because it has the most gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside and they could totally personalise it. It was a super laid back wedding, which I always love shooting. I love shooting The Bringewood weddings because the surroundings are just incredible. This was the first time I had shot there and to get there you need to drive up steep, small tracks. As it had been raining in the days leading up to the wedding there was quite a lot of water on the roads, I started to think I was going the wrong way! Thankfully Aneira and Al had already warned me it would probably feel like that, so I kept going until I saw the venue and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!

They had a drinks reception in the afternoon, and a live band in the evening. They also had a lot of children at their wedding which is always a mixture of chaos and lots of fun! To keep the kids entertained they’d organised a few games for them, including pass the parcel. This worked brilliantly and even some of the adults got involved! They decorated the venue with some personal photographs and balloons, because they wanted to keep it simple. I thought their less is more approach was really effective. The Bringewood has deep red walls so doesn’t really need much decoration to make it stand out.

For dinner they had two different food trucks, which was absolutely delicious. I love food trucks at weddings. It’s a great informal way of serving food. Aneira and Al had a pizza truck and a fries truck, this gave their guests a choice of what they could have(or both!). It also means guests can go and get their food whenever they’re hungry, rather than being served at a specific time.

The funniest part of the day was when Aneira and her friends had their own private dance party in one of the kitchens. The Bringewood has lots of various self catering aparments connected to it, this was where Aneira and her friends were playing music, drinking and dancing, because the moves were hilariously bad.

Aneira and Al’s wedding was so laid back and so much fun. Here’s their wonderful Bringewood wedding!

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