Capturing the essence of love in the heart of Shrewsbury at Haughmond Hill

Haughmond Hill Engagement Shoot – Erin & Josh

Capturing the essence of love in the heart of Shrewsbury at Haughmond Hill

Erin & Josh had their engagement shoot at Haughmond Hill in Shrewsbury. They both live in Northampton so came down the day before their shoot and stayed in a hotel, it was a great excuse for them to have a night away and a date night.

Haughmond Hill

I love shooting at Haughmond Hill, it’s a gorgeous woodland area that looks great at any time of the year. Erin, Josh and I had a good walk round, a chat and stopped to take some lovely photographs every now and then. I have officially never had a wetter engagement shoot. The rain was absolutely incessant! I’ve done rainy engagement shoots before but it’s never been wet quite to this extent, not only was it really heavy rain but it also rained for the entirety of the shoot! I always take an umbrella with me to weddings and engagement shoots just in case the weather turns. The umbrella got A LOT of use for this shoot!

Despite the weather Erin and Josh took it all in their stride, telling me that when they got engaged there was actually a storm, so in a way the weather was quite fitting. We had a great chat about their plans for their wedding day and I told them a bit about how I work on the day. Engagement shoots are brilliant for this chance for us to have a chat about your wedding and also to get to know each other a bit. I don’t always get chance to meet my couples before their wedding unless we do an engagement shoot because my summer is usually so hectic!

After about an hour of wandering around in the rain getting absolutely soaked we decided to call it day and go home and get dry and warm! I can just about feel my fingers again after this shoot but it was definitely worth it. Erin and Josh were naturals in front of the camera and were absolutely killing the poses despite the weather!


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