pendrell hall wedding

Pendrell Hall Wedding with Chinese Tea Ceremony – Ka Wo & Meian

pendrell hall wedding

Meian and Ka Wo got married in June at the spectacular Pendrell Hall, which is a fancy country house in Wolverhampton. It was a gorgeous day and the sun even made an appearance!

Chinese Door Games at Pendrell Hall

Meian got ready in the bridal suite at Pendrell Hall with her bridesmaids, and the atmosphere was so relaxed. Meian and Ka Wo live in Hong Kong however they chose to get married in England because some of their family live here. They had another wedding back in Hong Kong a few weeks after their English wedding.

When Meian and her bridesmaids were ready we went outside to the front of Pendrell Hall to do a few bridal portraits of Meian alone and with her bridesmaids. Meian and Ka Wo had quite an alternative timeline for their wedding, which meant there was plenty of time before their ceremony to do some portraits.

After the portrait session with Meian and her bridesmaids we went back into one of the bedrooms at Pendrell Hall ready for Meian and Ka Wo to play their Chinese door games. I had never photographed Chinese door games before so I was really looking forward to this! The door games began with Ka Wo and his groomsmen being on one side of the door and Meian and her bridesmaids being on the other side. The bridesmaids set Ka Wo tasks to complete and eventually allowed him into the room. When Ka Wo entered the room Meian quicky went and hid in the ensuite, her bridesmaids video-called her so she could still see what was happening! The tasks that followed included whipped cream and lipstick, with the boys all having to work together to complete the tasks. Eventually Ka Wo won Meian over and she opened the bathroom door, and they shared a kiss. I loved these games, they absolutely hilarious and I really hope I get to photograph some more again soon!

Outdoor Ceremony at Pendrell Hall

Prior to their legal ceremony Meian and Ka Wo had a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. This is again the first tea ceremony I’ve photographed and I thought it was really lovely. Anything involving tea I’m absolutely on board with!

The ceremony was a beautiful service in the grounds of the venue. This is the first outdoor ceremony I have photographed at Pendrell Hall and I absolutely loved it. The light was gorgeous and even though the weather was a bit touch and go, it stayed dry for their whole ceremony. During the ceremony they had a beautiful reading. It was a really gorgeous service and so unique.

Just as Meian and Ka Wo came back inside from their ceremony it started raining, because of this we did their confetti shot inside. We were lucky enough for the rain to stop not long after this so we had lots of time to get some lovely couple portraits of Meian and Ka Wo in the grounds of Pendrell Hall. As they were having another wedding back in Hong Kong they weren’t having an evening reception so after their meal we had time to do a few more couple portraits before they said their goodbyes to all their guests.

I absolutely loved photographing Meian and Ka Wo’s wedding and I can’t wait to go back to Pendrell Hall soon! If you’re planning a Pendrell Hall wedding I would love to hear from you!


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