Bicketon Hill Engagement Shoot – Charlie & James

Charlie and James’ Bicketon Hill engagement shoot was a beauty! I always give couples a choice for where they would like to do their engagement shoot. I have a few places that I go to regularly for shoots which is nice because I don’t get lost but I absolutely love shooting in new places too. Charlie and James suggested Bicketon Hill which I’d never been to before so was completely up for! When couples are choosing a place for their shoot I always suggest for them to choose somewhere that is meaningful for them. Charlie and James chose Bicketon Hill because they used to live really nearby so used to go there often. This was also handy because it meant they knew their way round and had a couple of favourite spots.

Dogs at Engagement Shoots

When we were organising their shoot they asked if they could bring along their dog, Stryder. It was instantly obvious how much Stryder meant to them which I was totally on board with, being a dog person myself! Charlie described herself to me in an email as “Imagine crazy dog lady and just dial it up a few notches” so I knew instantly that they were my kind of people! I’m always happy for dogs to be involved with engagement shoots and always try to include them in any many photographs as possible! For Charlie and James’ engagement shoot there was a lot of dog cuddling going on!

While we were wandering round and snapping away we also had a really good chat about their wedding plans. I tend to do engagement shoots about 3 months before the wedding day itself so that the shoot is still fresh in your mind on the day and also so you have a better idea about your plans so we can have a good chat about them. Charlie and James got married at The Mill Barns in Bridgnorth, I won’t spoil anything in this blog post but I can confirm it was a really epic day and I can’t wait to share it with you! I’ll be blogging their wedding very soon but for now take a peek at their gorgeous Bicketon Hill engagement Shoot!


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