Home Engagement Shoot with a German Shepherd- Nick & Liwsi

Nick and Liwsi had their engagement shoot at home on their parent’s farm. This also happened to be their wedding venue, so it was the perfect time for me to have a little look round while I was there! In the lead up to the shoot they spoke to me about their German Shepherd Dog, Madi and asked if she could be there for the shoot. I of course said a massive yes! If you’ve been following my blog for a little while you’ll probably know that I absolutely love dogs and I’ve a grown up with German Shepherds myself. Madi was the same age as our dog, Buddy and when I turned up to the shoot I couldn’t believe how similar they looked (they’re not related as far as we know!). Dogs at weddings are my favourite thing ever and I’m going to be writing a handy blog post to help you include and accommodate your dog at your wedding soon. Sometimes, however it is in the dogs best interest to sit the wedding out, Buddy himself was pretty excitable so would probably a bit of a nightmare and potentially (definitely) steal all the food. So having your dog along to your engagement shoot is a great way of including them in the wedding even if they can’t be there on the day itself. It also just means you get some gorgeous photographs of your best furry friend!

Dogs aside, Liwsi and Nick absolutely smashed their engagement shoot, it was clear that we were going to get on really well on their wedding day! We had some really gorgeous light for the shoot and the surroundings of the farm were absolutely stunning. It was nice to pick out a few places to potentially use for their wedding day however as always, it always depends on the light at the time as to where makes a good photograph. We had originally arranged for their shoot to be done at Apley Woods in Telford however on the day of the shoot it was absolutely throwing it down with rain so we decided to postpone it. I’m really glad we did because we were treated to some gorgeous light!


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