Confetti fluttering in the air in celebration

How to Nail your Confetti Shot

Confetti fluttering in the air in celebration

One wedding tradition that I really love is confetti! I’ve photographed quite a few brilliant confetti shots in my time so I’m sharing with you everything I know about nailing your confetti shot.

There’s no such thing as too much confetti

If I could give you one tip and one tip only about getting the best confetti shot it would be this. There is no such thing as too much confetti. The more confetti you have the more visible it’s going to be in the photographs and therefore the more effective it’s going to look. Shropshire Petals actually have a very handy confetti calculator on their website. You input the amount of guests you have and it will tell you roughly how much confetti you need. This is a really valuable resource and I’d definitely recommend that you use this instead of simply trying to guess!

Speaking of Shropshire Petals, I’m a really big fan of real petals for confetti. Not only do they look nicer and are generally more colourful than many other types of confetti, they’re also biodegradable. Anything that’s pretty and environmentally friendly I am all for! I know a few of my past couples have made their own confetti which is amazing and adds a really nice homemade touch to your wedding. For many people like me though making your own can be quite a lot of faff, but thankfully there are lots of companies that will do all the hard work for you.

I’ve shot a few weddings over the last couple of years where the couple have assumed that their guests would bring some confetti with them. If you’re after a really awesome confetti shot I would definitely recommend providing confetti for your guests. A handful of people often bring along a bit of confetti with them, however it usually doesn’t spread very far and often isn’t very visible in the images. These days most people expect the couple to provide confetti for them so it’s definitely worth doing so if you want to get loads of it thrown your way!

Get your Confetti Faces out!

I usually organise your confetti shot near enough straight after your ceremony. I usually let the two of you have a moment alone together, around the corner or in your own little room. If we can do your confetti shot outside this is always where I would choose to do it as it’s always brighter so the colour of the confetti is more visible.

I’ll organise your guests into two lines to create a tunnel for you both to walk through. Handfuls of confetti always work better than throwing it out of cones. The cones look very pretty but they’re normally an extra expense so it’s worth just giving these a miss and just having a basket where your guests can grab a good handful from.

I always advise your guests to throw the confetti up and not at you, I know how tempting it is to throw confetti at people but it always looks better to throw it up instead so it falls down onto you and in front of you.

The main thing I love about confetti shots is confetti faces! Confetti shots are set up to a certain degree, however one thing that can’t be set up are confetti faces, the face everyone naturally makes when they get confetti thrown in their direction. They’re always funny and beautiful at the same time!


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