Cosy autumnal couple session in Shropshire – Pep & Kelton


Cosy couple sessions are always my thing, when my friend, Pep sent me a message asking if I could photograph her and her partner, Kelton my answer was YES. Pep is also a photographer, which is always a bit nerve-wracking but I was so excited to photograph these two and capture just a little bit of their wonderful relationship.

We started the shoot off at their house, they had their comfy clothes on and cosied up together on the sofa. I’ve always wanted to do a shoot like this and would love to do more of them! Our homes are where we feel most comfortable and most ourselves, whenever I give anyone direction I always tell them that if I ask them to do something and it feels weird then it’s probably going to look weird so we can try something else! My main aim is to get my couples feeling comfortable in front of the camera, always. Couple sessions definitely require a bit of time to get into the groove of things, for most people having their photo taken isn’t a normal way to be spending their day, I totally get this and promise you’ll come away from the shoot having actually enjoyed it! As a photographer, Pep knew what to expect from the shoot but understandably Kelton was a bit more nervous, but after a little while I could tell he was really enjoying it and they told me so after the shoot!

After an outfit change we headed to Apley Woods, I’ve shot there a lot over the years and it never disappoints, there’s always somewhere I haven’t explored there! I like to start an outdoor shoot by having a wander around, chatting and finding the light, this is exactly what we did for Pep and Kelton’s shoot. I am obsessed with the beautiful light and colours of Autumn and woodland is the perfect spot for a shoot at this time of year, you get all the colours from the changing of the leaves, usually some lovely late afternoon light and on this shoot we got some atmospheric mist which we all loved!

We did this shoot late in the afternoon so we could get some nice light, at one point we chased the light so we were just outside Apley Woods and there was actually a hospital car park behind us! Sometimes the places I get my couples to stand can seem a bit strange while we’re doing the shoot but it all becomes clear when you see the images. Even if the backdrop seems a bit odd, just trust me, it’s probably about the light! We kept shooting until there was virtually no light left and I was absolutely over the moon with the images and I knew Pep and Kelton would be too!

If you’d like some beautiful photographs with your other half then please do get in touch, I’d love to capture them for you!


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