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Thinking about investing in a wedding album?

wedding album


Wedding albums are the traditional format for wedding photographs. When my parents got married, back in the days of film, there was no such thing as the internet, let alone a digital camera or online gallery. Today it is so much easier to share our images, what with social media, if anything it’s a little too saturated! Don’t get me wrong I love being able to share my images on Instagram but I do believe something gets lost about the magic of photographs by simply viewing them on a screen. There’s something wonderful about having something tangible that you can touch and share with your friends and family. This is where wedding albums come in.


Technology is something that is constantly advancing, there were floppy disks, CDs, USBs and now online galleries. The only way to really guarantee that your photographs will survive all these technological advancements is to get them printed. High quality prints should outlast us all, provided that they’re stored in the right environment, i.e.. not in direct sunlight. Albums are the perfect way of doing this. I read an article online not so long ago that stated that the most photographed generation of children ever won’t have any photo albums to capture their lives. This idea makes me endlessly sad, I was lucky enough to grow up in the film generation, we have a whole stack of photo albums at home that document my parents marriage and me and my brothers growing up. I can’t imagine not having that! Purchasing a wedding album is a wonderful way of starting a tradition of printing your images. Photo albums turn into heirlooms that can be passed down generations, I can almost guarantee that this won’t happen simply with your digital images.


Wedding albums also make the perfect wedding anniversary gift, this can be as a surprise to your other half or as a gift to yourselves as a couple. Wedding albums can be purchased at any time after you’ve received your images. I completely understand that weddings can be very expensive so this can be a great way of spreading the cost until after the event.

Your first wedding anniversary is actually called the paper anniversary. Traditionally you buy each other gifts based on the name of the anniversary. You can impress your other half by not only remembering the tradition of the anniversary but also buying them an amazing wedding album so you can both relive the day all over again.

And the main thing I will say about albums is that no one has ever regretted buying one! Much like investing in your wedding photographer, you should definitely invest in how you view the images that you paid a lot of money to create in the first place.


“This all sounds great, but how do I order?!” I hear you cry! All you need to do is get in touch and I’ll send you my album brochure. Ordering is super easy, I offer two options a slim or a chunky album. You simply need to tell me which option you’d like to go for, choose your favourite photographs from your online gallery and I’ll do the rest for you! I take a £95 deposit before I put the album together and the remaining balance would be due when you’re 100% happy with the design just before the album goes to print! Pricing starts from £450. Drop me a message and we’ll get yours done!

wedding albumwedding albumwedding albumwedding albumwedding albumwedding albumwedding album

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