Ruth Yardy personal branding photography session

Ruth Yardy – Personal Branding Shoot

Ruth Yardy personal branding photography session

It’s always an honour to be asked to photograph another photographer and this was definitely true when Ruth Yardy got in touch to ask if I would take some personal branding photographs for her. Ruth is actually a personal brand photographer herself so I was doubly flattered to be asked!

Personal brand photographer in Shrewsbury

Ruth and I worked together during her shoot to create a good range of images that could be used on her website and social media, even personal brand photographers need their own branding photographs! I love working on shoots with other creatives because you can bounce ideas off each other and I’m always happy to take suggestions during shoots. We did Ruth’s shoot in various locations around Shrewsbury, there are so many amazing places that are great for backdrops here, there really isn’t any need to go anywhere else. Prior to the shoot Ruth had contacted a couple of businesses in Shrewsbury to ask if they’d mind if we used their space for a short time for the shoot. The Groundskeeper Cafe and The Lion and Pheasant both very kindly let us use their spaces to shoot in, both are beautiful, do great coffee and have amazing windows so we were absolutely in our element! We finished the shoot at The Quarry and were both so pleased with the results, knowing we’d created a good range of images for Ruth to use as her business continues to evolve.

If you’re a small business based in Shropshire and you’d like some photographs to show off your brand and promote your business, then please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!


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