Photo of the week – Spring Blossoms

spring blossoms

This weeks photo of the week is a sure sign that Spring is on the way! Aside from shooting weddings I’m also a book cover photographer, I try to take photos for book covers most days as I’m still building up my portfolio for this at the moment. I’ve been shooting book covers for around a year now and I love how they make me really creative and make me think about shots and photography in different ways. This week I managed to fit in 6 book cover shoots which is really good going, especially considering I also photographed a wedding on Saturday! For this shoot I took a wander around my parent’s village to see what shots I could get of the local environment that could be used on book covers. There’s a blossom tree in the village that I use every year for photography, so while I was on my walk I decided to stop by the tree to see if it was in bloom yet. I just managed to catch the tree just as it’s beginning to bloom, this shot is of one of the very few blossoms that is open at the moment. No doubt I’ll be back to see this tree again next month to hopefully capture it in full bloom!

This weekend was full of the most grim weather, thankfully Saturday’s wedding was still every bit as lovely as it would have been even if we’d had sunshine! I was supposed to shoot an engagement shoot on Sunday but we decided it was best to postpone the shoot to another day, when hopefully we’ll have much nicer weather! Despite the storms we’ve been having recently I’m over the moon that the days are steadily starting to get longer, I cannot wait until next month when the clocks will finally change so the nights will be even lighter!

Remember to check back here again next week to see what I get up to!