Photo of the week – Luke

man playing guitar

It’s time for a new photo of the week! This week features my partner, Luke playing guitar on our bed in some lovely light. This was taken as part of my current 365 project The Happiness Endeavour, where I take one photo a day using a prompt from Barbara Ann Kipfer’s book, 14,000 things to be happy about. I’ll be posting a bigger update of the project so far on here soon and it’s also available to check out on Instagram right now. This week I should have been shooting Zandie and Daniel’s wedding but unfortunately this global pandemic we’re currently dealing with had other ideas. I’m really sad that I haven’t been able to get immersed in this years wedding season, I always look forward to getting back to shooting in Spring, as winter is usually quite quiet for me. It’s looking quite likely that I will only be shooting a few weddings this year, which is totally understandable given the current situation. This does mean that 2021 is probably going to be really busy! For this reason I’ve raised the number of weddings I will accept to a maximum of 40. Dates are starting to get booked in quickly for 2021 now so please don’t leave it too long if you’d like me to be there to photograph your wedding!

I’m hoping that in the later part of this year I can start doing lots of family shoots and work with small businesses on some branding photography. I think we can all agree this year is pretty weird so far, but I honestly believe if we have our health, we have everything.

Next week is going to consist of a lot more of the same, staying at home! I’m really loving getting creative every day though, be sure to check back this time next week to see what I’ve been up to!