Harry Fisher Films – Supplier Spotlight

Harry Fisher FilmsHarry Fisher is a documentary wedding filmmaker based in Shropshire, he covers weddings all over the UK and I’ve been lucky enough to work with him at Verity and Dave’s wedding at The Bridal Barn where he not only captured their wedding beautifully but also made a video of me shooting at the same time, what a legend! Harry is on my recommended suppliers list, I only recommend suppliers I know and trust and have worked with in the past. It’s very important to choose a filmmaker who’s style you love and also someone who’s a lovely person, you’ll be spending a lot of time on your wedding day with them, it’s so important you get along! Harry is not only a really talented filmmaker, but he is also one of the nicest people I’ve worked with during a wedding day, you can’t go wrong with choosing him to video your day! I caught up with Harry recently and he very kindly answered a few of my questions about his work…
How long have you been shooting weddings and how did you get into shooting them?

My first few weddings happened whilst seeking out work-experience during my studies at University. It really clicked with me and I much preferred it over the more corporate-driven work I
had tried, so it was there and then that I decided I wanted to pursue this full-time. I officially began my venture into the industry four years ago and it has been a truly rewarding experience
watching my style grow and develop over those first few years. I love that I am able to convey a sense of my own personality in my work and produce something that reflects my own tastes as an

What’s your favourite part of a wedding day to capture?

Without a doubt it is the evening! My favourite time of day is dusk as I love the blueish tones and the unique patterns in the sky that form over the landscape. All the guests are more relaxed and it is also when I capture my favourite moments such as portraits, short informal interviews with guests, and if I am really lucky sparklers and a firework display.

What’s the best bit about being a filmmaker?

The freedom to hone my creativity and craft something that people will cherish for years to come. To me, it is all about emotion and the ability to make you feel something when you watch my
work back. There is no better feeling than having a client message me and tell me they teared up on multiple occasions. It solidifies exactly what I set out to achieve.

What’s your favourite style of wedding to video?

The documentary approach – relaxed and candid moments with nothing staged or set up. It always makes me smile when somebody does something silly for the camera, which is why I love
filming people dance.

Out of all the weddings you’ve shot, what has been your favourite venue?

I have shot at a lot of venues now but The Citadel will always remain my personal favourite as it was the very first wedding that I shot independently. I have always loved going back. It always
sticks out in my mind but I can’t quite pinpoint why that is exactly… it must be those evening skies!

If you were going to recommend any other supplier to a couple, who would it be?

This is a difficult question as I have met many wonderful suppliers over the last four years and it would be hard to single out just one individual. Personally, I always look for someone I click with
that also compliments my own shooting style. Lisa is one of those people and she is very high on my recommended supplier list. If you’re looking for a live band I can’t stress enough how great
The Hot Jazz Biscuits are either, they always encourage lots of fantastic moments on the dance floor and bring a certain energy that I am yet to see surpassed at a wedding.

Check out Harry’s work below and take a peek at his website for more!


Harry Fisher Films