Meet the photographer

Self PortraitHey friends! I thought I’d put together a little blog post about me today. Like most people I’m pretty awful at talking about myself, everyone else’s about me’s always seem a lot more interesting than mine but I’d thought I should probably give this a whirl! So if you haven’t already gathered by now, I’m Lisa, I’m a creative and relaxed wedding and family photographer based in the beautiful Shropshire in the midlands. I live in a three storey house with my boyfriend Luke and when I’m not photographing weddings and families I’m most likely reading or planning which room to paint next in our house.

I studied photography at University and graduated back in 2014, I’ve been shooting weddings ever since! There is literally no other job I could ever see myself doing, apart from maybe being a dog walker, I’ve had that business idea for a long time! I’m a massive dog person so if you’re thinking about involving your dog in your wedding my answer would be YEP, I’M THERE! Every situation is made better by dogs in my opinion! I always take part in the Good Reads reading challenge each year and this year I’m trying to read 60 books, I’m 22 books in at the moment and it’s only April so it’s going pretty well! I’m always looking for book recommendations so feel free to send yours over. We’ve literally got an entire wall full of books in our house, most of which I haven’t read but I’m steadily working my way through them. My favourite series of books is His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, we started watching the new tv series from it this year and I AM OBSESSED.

I have a really varied music taste. My favourite band is Bears Den which Luke very kindly introduced me to however I also have a massive love for Taylor Swift, Panic! At The Disco, Eminem, Bon Iver and Dermot Kennedy. I don’t believe in having guilty pleasures with music, I’m quite happy to stay on the dance floor regardless of what tunes you throw at me, chances are, I’ll like it. I can’t dance or sing but I love doing both of these things after a couple of glasses of wine (I also think I’m good at both of these things after a couple of glasses of wine).

I love colour, all things floral and good light. When I see flowers in good light I get super excited about it and have to grab my camera instantly! If I could split myself in two I’d probably have the other me train to be a florist! Our garden at the moment is very concrete and landscaped but as soon as we can I can’t wait to plant loads of gorgeous flowers, I’ve got a plan to have a small patch of wildflowers at the bottom of the garden!

I love dogs, Luke, colour, flowers, reading, food, drinking, dancing, piano, feminism, carbs and laughing until it hurts.

I hate inequality, people being dicks, waking up early, hangovers, washing up and being hungry.

If you think I sound like someone who you’d like to have rock up to your wedding and photograph you having the best time ever then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!