March – Monthly Round up

Well… where on Earth do I start?! This month has been an absolute roller coaster for EVERYONE. It has consisted of equal parts laughter and tears. I am genuinely thanking my lucky stars for Luke because Gordon Bennett, I don’t know how I would have coped without him. I’ve spent a lot of this month in shock, I’d wake up with a jolt first thing in the morning and be unable to get to sleep at night. In the same day I’d go from feeling “everything is going to be okay” to “everything is ruined” within minutes. At the start of March I was very much looking forward to Trish and Richard’s and Jodie and James’ weddings and getting fully back into the swing of wedding season again. In the middle of March their weddings had to be postponed and by the end of March all my weddings up until July have been postponed and I’m currently working in my old Pharmacy. I have felt very out of control of my life, as I imagine many of you have. Honestly though, it’s not all bad. I’m bloody grateful for a lot of things. I’m grateful to have been asked to go back to work in Pharmacy, it means I still have money coming in for the time being, I’m allowed out of the house and I’m helping out the NHS in a very small way. I’m grateful to have a garden to go outside in. I’m grateful we live in the countryside and have lots of beautiful walks right outside our front door. I’m grateful for Luke calming me down, doing basically all the cooking, cleaning and washing at the moment. (Full time employed people, how do you get ANYTHING done?!). I am grateful for my wonderful friends, (big up to Ben who made me ugly cry by buying one of my prints). I am grateful to all my amazing couples past and present. Those of you who have had to postpone have spoken to me beforehand and we’ve worked together to find dates that work for you, your venues and me, and mates, honestly that means the world. All of my couples who have bought prints from me. All my couples who have paid for a family shoot in advance to have when all this madness is over. March has brought out the best in everyone around me and I’m very grateful for all of you. I’m grateful for technology (imagine if we couldn’t video call people!). Life is weird right now for everyone. Even though I can’t photograph any couples at the moment I’m still shooting for fun. This month’s round up includes iPhone photos as well as the normal stuff. Enjoy, stay safe x