Launcell’s Barton Wedding – Alli & James

Launcell’s Barton is an absolutely stunning wedding venue based in the glorious Cornwall. When Alli and James asked me to photograph their wedding there back in 2017 I was absolutely over the moon! Cornwall is one of my favourite places in the UK and Launcell’s Barton also turned out to be one of my favourite wedding venues I’ve shot at so far! Not only are the grounds beautiful, it also boasts a beautiful church a two minute walk away and also a gorgeous interior. I think I could shoot here 100 times and still not get bored of it!

Bridal Prep at Launcell’s Barton

I turned up to bridal prep to be greeted by the lovely Alli’s beaming face and all her bridesmaids! Bridal prep was just glorious and also super organised, Alli was ready an hour before her ceremony, I think that’s a new record for one of my brides! Alli’s organisation skills meant we had chance before she got married to capture some extra group shots. This included what turned out to be one of my favourite photographs of the day, which is of the bride surrounded by her stunning bridesmaids. The styling and colours Alli had chosen fit the feel of their day perfectly!

Church Ceremony at Launcell’s Barton

Alli and James had a beautiful and heartfelt Christian ceremony in the church just two minutes walk from Launcell’s Barton. That church was absolutely filled with emotion, there was so much joy in that room you couldn’t help but feel it. And it was plain to see why, Alli and James are just absolutely meant for each other, this was evident by the fact that they didn’t stop beaming all day!

After their ceremony, Alli and James spent some time with their guests, it’s so important to me that you get quality time with your guests on a wedding day, it’s one of my favourite parts to photograph too. Alli had set aside 2 hours for their couple portraits, I could have squealed with delight! I absolutely adore it when photography is so important to my couples that they set aside a really good chunk of their time in their wedding day to get some beautiful portraits. Couple portraits are my favourite part of a wedding day, Alli and James’ was certainly no exception! I generally don’t give a lot of direction for portrait sessions, I just allow couples to be themselves and photograph what happens.

After their wedding breakfast we got into a tractor trailer kindly provided by Launcell’s Barton and were towed into a field next to the venue to catch the last of the light. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a sunset that evening due to lots of cloud coverage however we made the best of it anyway! Alli and James even had a practice of their first dance which I loved!

The party was exactly how I thought it was going to be, absolutely wild! The dancefloor was never empty!

Thank you so much to Alli and James for choosing me to photograph your wedding. If you’re planning on getting married at Launcell’s Barton or Cornwall, I would love to hear from you!


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