How to mark your original wedding date

Iscoyd Park WeddingI think we can all agree that 2020 has been a funny old year so far. By this time in an average year wedding season would be in full swing, I’d be incredibly busy, pretty tired and having the best time ever photographing all my wonderful couples. This year however, Corona Virus had different plans which means that so many of my couples have had to make the difficult decision to postpone their weddings. With many couples having their original wedding dates coming up, it can be filled with so many emotions, grief over your cancelled plans and worry about whats to come. I think it’s really important that we all remember the reasons behind why weddings have been put on hold, it’s to keep everyone safe and healthy. I am missing working SO much but no wedding, and no photographs are worth putting anyone at risk. I promise all your weddings will be worth every moment you’ve had to wait! If your original wedding date is coming up and you want to find a way to mark the date in some way, maybe even by turning it into an extra, private celebration then keep reading, I’ve put a few ideas together for how you can mark your original wedding date.

Have a small gathering in your garden

The guidelines are changing quite rapidly, however one thing you can definitely do is have a small gathering in your garden of up to 6 people. It has to involve social distancing but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your original wedding date with a few of your nearest and dearest in a really chilled out way. You could have a barbecue, and you could even involve a super small ceremony and even speeches. This could literally be your wedding day in miniature without any of the legal bits. It could be a nice way of having two days to celebrate, instead of just the one, that can’t be a bad thing!

Have a special meal

I definitely don’t think you should be cooking on your original wedding date (unless you love cooking!). Order in take away from your favourite restaurant or just chow down on some take away pizza. Whatever you do, just make it special, sit at the table, light a few candles and make eyes at each other over your spaghetti!

Get your wedding flowers delivered

Nothing says a celebration to me more than flowers. It’s likely that if you’ve changed your wedding to another season then you won’t be able to have exactly the same flowers that you originally hoped for on your new date. You may as well make the most of the time of year that they bloom and ask your florist to deliver them to your house instead. This could just consist of your bouquet and a table arrangement for your dining table rather than the full shebang!

Book an engagement shoot

I’ve had a few couples book in for an engagement shoot to mark their original wedding date. We can do the shoot anywhere you like within Shropshire and it can be a really lovely way of documenting this time and remembering your date. You can even get dressed up in you wedding outfits if you’d like to! If you don’t want to show off your proper wedding dress until the day itself then you can pick up some really beautiful reasonably priced wedding dresses on Asos! Just drop me a message if you’d like to do this and I’ll get you booked in!

Write your vows

This idea is stolen off my lovely friend Danielle who was supposed to get married back in May. Danielle and her future husband spent some time on their original wedding date writing their own vows to say on their new date. I thought this was a really lovely idea, I’m a big fan of couples writing their own vows anyway but there couldn’t be a better time to do that than on what should have been your wedding day.

Have a zoom ceremony

If your friends and family live quite far from you, instead of having people over to gather in your garden you could have a ceremony on zoom. If you invite me along I will definitely bring my camera and shoot my pc screen like mad! (A sentence I never thought I’d write pre-covid!).

Practice your first dance

It doesn’t have to be a grand choreographed ensemble, you could just have a little boogie together in your living room. Bonus points if you dress up and put fairy lights around the room!

Have your wedding cake

Just because your wedding is postponed doesn’t mean your cake has to be! Contact your cake maker and ask if they would be happy to make a smaller version of your wedding cake for just the two of you to enjoy. Cake tasting is always one of the best bits of the lead up to a wedding, you may as well squeeze as much of that in as you can!

All in all, just spend it exactly how you want to. It’s not the day you planned and it is 100% okay to be upset about that (even to have a bit of a cry). Hopefully this will have given you a few ideas of how to spend the day if it’s coming up for you. I can’t wait to be there for your wedding, it’s going to be worth the wait, I promise!

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