Candid engagement photography with Alice and Tom

Haughmond Hill Engagement Shoot – Alice & Tom

Candid engagement photography with Alice and Tom

Alice and Tom had booked me to shoot their wedding at Iscoyd Park last year and prior to the wedding they asked if we could do an engagement shoot to get them feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. I absolutely love engagement shoots, I think they’re a great way of throwing yourself in the deep end with having your photograph taken together and it also means we get to have a good natter about all the plans you have for your wedding. Alice and Tom came along to the day of engagement shoot mini sessions I organised last year, this shoot only lasted an hour (engagement shoots are usually a two hour stroll) but we managed to get lots of lovely photographs in that hour and we got to know each other too. The mini sessions were such a success, it’s definitely something I’ll be doing again in the future!

Dogs at engagement shoots

Prior to their engagement shoot they asked if they could bring along their dog, Ginny. If you know me at all you know that I LOVE dogs so it was a definite yes (honestly if you’re thinking of doing this, you don’t even have to ask, I encourage it). I started the shoot the same way I start every engagement shoot, we have a chat while we walk and I’ll stop when I see some nice light or backdrops. Haughmond hill is such a lovely location for any kind of shoot, it’s a vast woodland in Shrewsbury, it’s easy to find, there’s plenty of parking and there are lots of places we can go off the beaten track that are quiet and away from people (no one likes being watched when they have their photograph taken!).

These three were naturals in front of the camera, I knew their wedding day couple portraits were going to be an absolute breeze. It was also a lovely way of including Ginny in their wedding celebrations as she wasn’t going to be there on the day itself. While we were talking we figured out that I’d actually met Alice’s dad before, we live around the same area so I’d seen him a few times on dog walks (and not to brag but he’s complimented my dog a few times saying he’s very well behaved). I loved getting to know Alice and Tom (and Ginny!) during this shoot and it made me even more excited for their wedding day. I’ve since shot their lovely wedding at Iscoyd Park and I can confirm it was wonderful! Keep your eyes peeled to see that on the blog soon!


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