Website enhancement through CharlotteFit's branding images

CharlotteFit, Personal Trainer – Personal Branding Photography

Website enhancement through CharlotteFit's branding images

When my PT, CharlotteFit, asked if I do personal branding photography my answer was “not yet but I want to!”. It had been something that I’d been thinking about doing for a long time but it was Charlotte who finally gave me the push to do it.

Charlotte had had professional photographs taken before but it was quite a few years ago and she wanted a refresh to really represent who she is now. I thought this was a great idea, personal branding images can definitely be used again and again but they’re definitely not a one and done thing. To keep your business looking fresh and professional I think it’s great to have up to date branding images taken every year or couple of years, depending on how established your business is.

Charlotte gave me a detailed brief for what she’d like to achieve from the shoot, her main aim was having some professional imagery she could use on her online workout platform, website and social media. I loved how varied the brief was and we came up with a plan to create a library of images that she could use in all these different places for lots of different things.

When we did the shoot Charlotte was also pregnant which meant we could get some great shots of her doing exercise with a bump, Charlotte specialises in pre and post natal training so it was great to show that she’s making use of this knowledge herself, making her clients feel even more safe following her direction. We were both really pleased with all the images we got from this shoot and I’m always over the moon when I see Charlotte using them on Instagram, we did this shoot over a year ago now and they still get used regularly! I’m now taking bookings for more personal branding shoots, just drop me a message to get booked in!


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