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davenport houseElla and Joe got married this June at the beautiful Davenport House, which is a stunning country house in Bridgnorth. They had their ceremony at St Peter’s church, which is a lovely nearby church. It was a beautiful day and we had the best weather and so much fun!

Bridal prep

Ella got ready at Davenport House with her bridesmaids and flower girls, and the atmosphere was so calm. The kids were also having a whale of a time practising “cheers” with their water bottles! The girls then rode the short distance to get to the ceremony. Everyone was in the church when they got there, eagerly awaiting their arrival! Joe also got ready at Davenport House in a different part with his brother, who was also his best man.

Getting Wed

The ceremony was really lovely at a nearby church in Bridgnorth. At the time their wedding took place there was actually an art festival on at the church so there were lots of lovely arty pieces displayed around the church, including the most beautiful ribbons that were hanging down from the ceiling in the church. During the ceremony they had a beautiful reading. It was such a personal service and really beautiful. They came out of the church to lots of hugs and congratulations from all their friends and family. And they left church to head back to Davenport House through a confetti tunnel!

The Reception at Davenport House

The reception was in the main hall at Davenport House. They chose the venue because it’s so cosy and relaxed and they just fell in love with it. It was a really relaxed wedding, which I absolutely love! I love shooting weddings at Davenport House weddings because the building is so gorgeous. One of my favourite areas in Davenport House is the staircase that leads into the hall. Ella and Joe had had this adorned with gorgeous flowers that made their entrance to their first dance absolutely perfect.

They had drinks and canapes in the afternoon, and a DJ for party time in the evening. My favourite part of the day was when Ella and Joe made their entrance for their first dance each carrying a bottle of beer, I love a relaxed bride and groom! They decorated the venue with flowers and colourful candles, because they wanted to keep it simple.

For dinner they had a slap up meal, which was loved by all the guests. The first dance was a romantic slow dance, and they finished off the evening with a final photograph outside during golden hour.

The best part of the day was the afternoon reception, because all their guests were so relaxed and having such a great time.

The Couple

Ella wore a gorgeous Whistles dress and Joe wore an Arket suit and they looked so dapper. Ella’s flowers were stunning, they were by one of my favourite florists, Wild Bunch!

Ella and Joe’s wedding had such a chilled vibe and was just the happiest occassion. Here’s their gorgeous wedding!

If you’re throwing a Davenport House wedding, get in touch!

davenport houseflowers on the staircasedavenport housewedding cakebrides shoesflower girlsmake upbride coming down the stairsbride sorting the flowersflower girlsbridal prepveildadthe brideon the way to the churchstepping out of the cargoing to the chapelthe groom waiting for ellawalking up the aislefirst lookgetting marriedexchanging ringsprayerjust marriedhappy guestshugschecking out the ringconfetticonfetti exitfather of the bridebride and bridesmaidshappy bridesmaidsgroom and groomsmencouple portraitslove at davenport housethe floralsbride and groombeautiful lightloveshropshire wedding photographyportraitsbridal portraitthe bridebouquetthe groomgroom detailswalking back to the partybride and groom entranceguests clappingdavenport house at the backgroommother of the groombest manhappy guestflower girl dancinggoing down into the partyfirst dancelast photograph






So my big adventure for this year was travelling to Australia. The main reason I went over was to shoot Melissa and Peter’s wedding, which was absolutely amazing! Me and Luke spent two weeks there in total, and although we managed to cram a lot in, I want to go back already. We arrived a week before the wedding and stayed a week after the wedding, arriving a week before the wedding was pretty smart, just in case anything happened with our flights and also so we could get over the inevitable jet lag.

We set out from London, Heathrow on Sunday 3rd June and landed in Brisbane on Tuesday 5th June. Ohh boy is it a long flight. I have done it three times previously when I was a lot younger but as an adult it definitely feels even longer. We arrived in Brisbane at about 6am, picked up our hire car and drove straight to where we were staying in Deception Bay. We spent the first day in a slightly zombie like state lounging around, there was a pool at our Airbnb but it was definitely WAY too cold to get in it. We managed to stay awake until about 8pm and had the most glorious 11 hour sleep!


From Deception Bay we headed to Noosa Heads, Hervey Bay (where we had THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER), Gladstone and then to Blackdown Tablelands National Park where Melissa and Peter tied the knot. Noosa heads was definitely a highlight although we didn’t actually have time to stay there. The beach was beautiful and it had lots of nice shops and places to eat. We stopped very nearby on the way back from Melissa and Peter’s do we did get to call in again on the way back down! Hervey Bay was definitely an experience, we didn’t book our Airbnb until about half an hour before we rocked up, and when we got there it was basically a demountable building, the kind you used to have your French lessons in at school! There were also bars on the windows and the host helpfully told us we didn’t need to lock the car because it was a really safe area! (We still locked it, just in case).


So I think one of the highlights of the trip for both me and Luke was staying in 1770, we drove the day after the wedding. After sleeping in a tent for a couple of nights at somewhere that had no running water this place was absolute luxury! I pretty much just wanted to stay here forever. We went to Workman’s Beach, which is a pretty secluded beach in Agnes Water, this was a tip off from one of my friends. And we did the Great Barrier Reef which was obviously amazing and a tick off my bucket list! It was really great to stay here for a few nights, since we’d landed in Australia we hadn’t spent more than two nights anywhere so it was nice to stop and take things slower for the second half of the trip.


After 1770 we steadily made our way back to Brisbane with the plan to see the city a bit before we flew back. We really lucked out on all our Airbnb’s for this trip, they were all really nice and this one in particular was really central! While we were in Brisbane we met some friends of friends and never being one to pass up an opportunity I did a couple shoot with them! After the shoot the four of us went out for food, we had dumplings which were amazing and really need to be more readily available in the UK! After dumplings we went to Max Brenner (for the second time!) and then Mitch and Tyson were kind enough to drive us out to this amazing look out where you can see all of Brisbane lit up at night!

I honestly can’t wait to head back to Australia, if anyone gives me even a little bit of an excuse, I’m there!

sunset at 1770Lukeme on the beachfoliagethe shackour carLukecampinghammockfloats your goat winesunsetchillinglizardLukein the seawavesagnes wateraustralia zookoalakoalaturtleswimmingdingodingoaustralian hatluke with a koalacuddling a koalabird showfeeding crocswallabyred pandafeeding a roobrisbane at nightlaughter by lukebeauty

Group shots or family formals aren’t something that I display on my website that often. This results in me being asked if I do group shots, which I do! I actually think group shots are really important. It isn’t very often that all your family and friends are all in one place at the same time so weddings are a great opportunity to get some photographs of people you love standing next to you.

Chances are that if you’ve already booked me or are thinking about booking me for your wedding you haven’t made that decision because of my group shots. I’m at my best getting natural shots of your day, staying in the background for the majority of the time and photographing everything that’s going on around me. I completely appreciate how important group shots are though, this is why I do them, while making the process as quick and as fun as possible.


Before your wedding I will ask you for a list of about six to eight group shots. I advise that you limit the amount of group shots mainly so that you and your guests don’t get bored! Each group shot can take around five minutes (sometimes more!), to organise. This is mainly down to guests being at the bar, in the toilet, checking into their room, etc. Time that’s taken organising and shooting group shots is time that is taken away from me getting natural images and even more importantly, it’s time taken away from you being able to spend time with your guests and eat the canapes you’ve paid for!


I always get group shots done as soon after your ceremony as possible, mainly to prevent people from wandering off to the bar etc! After your ceremony all your guests will usually go and give you a hug and congratulate you. After that we usually do the confetti shot (if you’re having one) and then we’ll do your group shots. The group shots are the only part of the day where I’ll be (very kindly) telling people what to do. After your group shots are done I go back to being in the background. I can be both loud and quiet when needed!


After you’ve sent over your group shot list I then rearrange it to the best order for us to do the shots in. I always do the biggest shot first, for some people this is a big group shot of all their guests. If you do opt for a big group shot of everyone it is worth bearing in mind that this is the most time consuming shot we’ll get, however there is a benefit to it too. It means I have everyone’s attention and can ask everyone who are in the next shots to stay and let everyone else know they’re free to do as they wish.

As well as doing the biggest group shot first I also do any shots with young children, babies and grandparents at the start. Babies and young children generally don’t have very long attention spans so we do these as soon as we can and really quickly so we avoid boredom or tears! Some grandparents are more able than others but regardless, I always do this shot fairly soon in the line up so they don’t have to stand around waiting for too long. I also do any shots with grandparents in an easily accessible place so they don’t have to be climbing up and down steps.


Before your wedding it would be brilliant if you could ask your best man or someone who knows your families well for help with rounding people up for group shots. I will generally print my list of group shots twice so that I can give a copy to someone in your bridal party so they can round people up for me while I’m shooting. This speeds the process along considerably and gives them something to do to keep them out of mischief!

Group shots are definitely an important part of most weddings days. Chances are even if you don’t want any, there will be a parent or grandparent who would like some. I always try to make them as efficient and as fun as possible. There’s never any super stiff posing, you can stand how you want and all you need to do is look at the camera and smile. This way we get them done really quickly, meaning you can get back to speaking to your guests and drinking prosecco!

minnehaha events“Ahhh Lisa! You bloody nailed it! Thank you so much, it felt like we were back there when we looked through them all. They’re absolutely amazing, thank you so much. We couldn’t be happier!”

Katie and Matt got married in May at the gorgeous Minnehaha Events, which is a new venue in Scarborough. It was a gorgeous day and I loved every minute of it!


Katie got ready at the Crown Spa Hotel on the esplanade in Scarborough with her bridesmaids, and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Bridal Prep is normally a happy occasion at every wedding but Katie and her bridesmaids literally did not stop laughing! The girls then hopped into a fancy wedding car to get to the ceremony. Katie and her dad turned up a bit too early as the registrars hadn’t yet spoken to Matt, so the driver of their car took them for a spin round and Katie ended up nipping into a pub with her dad for a quick drink!


The ceremony was a legal ceremony in the barn. The ceremony room is Minnehaha Event’s is quite unusual because (depending on the amount of guests) your guests literally surround you, some being on the floor beneath you. I loved the unusual layout! During the ceremony there were lots of tears and SO much laughter, I literally loved how much these two laughed together. It was a real tear-jerker and so meaningful. One of my favourite bits of the ceremony was when the Registrar accidentally merged their names into one “Matherine” which made Katie and Matt howl with laughter because that’s what they call themselves.


The reception was in a tipi at the venue. They chose Minnehaha Events because they wanted a fun weekend by the seaside and they just fell in love with it. It was a fun and relaxed wedding, which Katie and Matt were definitely the heart and soul of. I loved shooting at Minnehaha Events because it was so relaxed. I’m based in Shropshire however I love getting to travel around for weddings, any excuse for a weekend by the seaside!

They had a live singer in the afternoon, and a photobooth in the evening. The photobooth was brilliant, it was in the back of a VW Camper, I really loved the idea of this and because it was so warm outside everyone was well up for getting involved. They decorated the venue with wildflowers and had musicians they loved as their table names, because they’re obsessed with music.

For dinner they had sharing food in the middle of the tables, which was absolutely delicious. I loved this idea because it was a lot more informal that a three course sit down meal and really encouraged guests to talk to each other. The first dance involved the wedding party getting on the dancefloor to get the dancing going, and they finished off the evening with some final photographs of just the two of them in the field next door. I love getting to do some final couple portraits on a wedding day!

The funniest part of the day was watching people having a go with the garden games they’d laid out, because it gave the day a lighthearted mood.


Katie wore a dress from Yorkshire Wedding Emporium and Matt wore a H&L Fashions suit and they looked amazing. Katie’s flowers were absolutely stunning, she had a gorgeous wildflower bouquet by Ducks and Daffodils

Katie and Matt’s wedding was so laid back and had such a fun atmosphere. Here’s their Minnehaha Events wedding!

If you’re planning a Minnehaha Events wedding, get in touch!

bridal prepmake upbride and bridesmaidsminnehaha eventsminnehaha events








mytton and mermaid wedding

Amy and Alasdair got married this May at the gorgeous Mytton & Mermaid, which is an understated coaching inn in Shrewsbury. It was a beautiful day and even the weather played ball!


Amy got ready at the bridal prep suite at the Mytton and Mermaid with her bridesmaids, and the atmosphere was full of excitement. She then walked the short distance to get to the ceremony.


The ceremony was a legal ceremony in a beautiful room at the venue. The room wasn’t very big but it was very packed with all of Amy and Alasdair’s guests. During the ceremony they even had their beautiful dog, Ralph there. He was stood at the end of the aisle with Alasdair, waiting for Amy to arrive. It was so beautiful and such a personal service. After their ceremony we headed out into the courtyard of the Mytton and Mermaid where Amy and Alasdair had buckets of confetti thrown over them. Confetti tunnels are always some of my favourite parts of a wedding day, you get a lot of interesting faces going on.


The reception was in a private room at the venue. They chose Mytton & Mermaid because it’s so cosy and relaxed and they could totally personalise it. It was a really relaxed wedding, which I love, it always means that not only are the couple relaxed but so are all their guests. I love shooting Mytton and Mermaid weddings because it’s usually really relaxed. It also helps that the venue is only 10 minutes away from my house!

They had a drinks reception in the afternoon, and lots of cake and doughnuts in the evening. In my opinion any wedding can be improved by copious amounts of doughnuts! They decorated the venue with flowers and lots of colour, because they wanted to keep it simple. The decor they chose worked really well together. I particularly loved the pink theme they had throughout the whole wedding. The groom’s tie was pink, the bride’s shoes were pink and there were lots of pink flowers dotted about everywhere. Even Ralph joined in on the pink theme, with his pink bow tie.

For dinner they had proper wedding grub, which was absolutely delicious. The Mytton and Mermaid is always pretty prized for it’s food and after eating that, I can certainly see why. The first dance was a personal favourite of mine, it was Video Games by Lana Del Rey, and they finished off the evening with a huge buffet.

The most memorable part of the day was when Ralph got involved in the group shots, because he’s just the best. Dogs at weddings are pretty much the best thing ever.

The couple

Amy and Alasdair’s wedding was so much fun and had such a chilled vibe. Here’s their Mytton and Mermaid wedding!

If you’re planning a Mytton and Mermaid wedding, get in touch!

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