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Wenlock Priory Engagement Shoot

Tess and Sean had the sweetest engagement shoot at Wenlock Priory in Shropshire back in August. It was such a beautiful day with gorgeous sunshine and these two showed up looking so dapper! Sean wore a very smart shirt and Tess had a gorgeous dark blue dress on (I’m still very jealous of her dress!). They chose to have their shoot at Wenlock Priory as this is somewhere that is near Tess’ parents, Tess and Sean now both live in Surrey however their wedding took place in Shropshire so they decided to have their engagement shoot here too! I’d never been to Wenlock Priory before so I was really excited to be shooting somewhere new. Wenlock Priory is a beautiful English Herritage site in Much Wenlock, much of the priory has disappeared over the years however the remains are fascinating and it really makes for a lovely day out and beautiful place to do a shoot. It isn’t a very big area however I really liked this because it can be a bit of a challenge, if you have endless grounds to work with there are lots of different options, if you only have a limited space to work in then it’s more of a creative challenge to use the space in different ways to create different images.

Sean and Tess were so easy to pose, they barely needed any direction at all! We did the shoot in the morning on a weekday which is always best somewhere like Wenlock Priory as it means it’s not too busy so you won’t get stared at mid-cuddle! The beginning of an engagement shoot is always weird, it’s not an everyday thing to have your photo taken, so don’t worry, it’s not supposed to feel normal and relaxed at this point! This usually results in nervous giggles though which I love! About halfway through the shoot is where you normally feel a lot more relaxed, by this point we’ve had a good chat to each other and had a good laugh together. Getting the nerves out of the way on the engagement shoot is perfect because this means on your wedding day we can just get killer shots straight away! (Also on your wedding day there’s added booze, that helps!). I loved using different parts of Wenlock Priory during their shoot. I liked getting really far back to get lots of the building detail in and using the building to frame them. One of my personal favourites is of Sean and Tess laughing, framed in the middle of one of the doorways.

I loved getting to know Tess and Sean during their engagement shoot, prior to the shoot most of my communication had been with Sean because sorting out the photography had been one of his jobs in the lead up to their wedding. This was the first time I’d actually chatted with Tess and as I suspected, she was just as lovely as Sean! I’ve since shot their beautiful wedding at Ellesmere College, it was so beautiful, I can’t wait to pop it up on the blog soon, keep your eyes peeled!

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Shropshire maternity shoot

I shot Verity and Dave’s wedding back in 2018 at the beautiful Bridal Barn. When I found out they were having a baby I was over the moon for them, they’re two of the loveliest people that I’ve ever met so I knew they were going to make the most wonderful parents. When they got in touch with me asking if I would do a bump shoot for them I couldn’t have been happier, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time but I’ve always been really busy shooting weddings so I’ve never had the time to advertise for it. We did their shoot in December as Verity was due at the end of January, it’s always best to do maternity shoots about a month before your due date, just in case baby decides to arrive a bit earlier than planned! Verity and Dave picked out a little spot a short walk from their house where they wanted to do the shoot, the light was beautiful and even though it was a bit chilly being December it was warm enough to abandon the coats while we were shooting. I was SO impressed with Verity’s determination to get good photographs, we walked up a small hill and I was out of breath by the time we got to the top, Verity was growing a human and it didn’t seem to phase her at all!

It was lovely to see Verity and Dave again after their wedding day, I feel very privileged to have the chance to photograph such significant moments like these in my couples lives. We’re going to be doing another shoot later on in the year with their beautiful baby boy, I can’t wait to meet him and to get some beautiful photographs of him with Verity and Dave. During the shoot Verity and Dave told me about potential names they had for their little one and talked about some of the things they were most excited about when they arrived. Pregnancy is such a special, fleeting time, it’s so important to take a bit of time out to appreciate it and to capture the moment, a maternity shoot is the perfect way to do this.

After the shoot we warmed up at the beautiful Woodbridge in Coalport where Verity and Dave very kindly treated me to a meal. It was so lovely to be able to catch up with them, we had a good chat about tv shows we’d been watching, work and general life. One of my favourite things about my job is when my couples become my friends too!

If you’re thinking about having a maternity shoot then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

Shropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity ShootShropshire Maternity Shoot


Iscoyd Park WeddingI’m a big believer that your wedding day should be all about the two of you as a couple. It shouldn’t be about tradition, how you think you should be celebrating or what your parents want. Early on in the planning process I think it’s a really great idea to sit down with your partner and for the two of you to have a good discussion about what you would like your wedding to look like, feel like, taste like and all the little elements you’d like to be involved in your day.

Elopment or a Wedding

The first decision you need to make together is whether you would like a wedding day surrounded by your friends and family or if you’d like to elope. To legally elope in the UK you still need to give notice so it still takes a bit of planning in advance, however there’s a lot less planning involved because you don’t have the logistics of guests and entertainment. To elope you also still need two witnesses, this could be a parent, a friend or a sibling, whoever you choose needs to be there to witness the ceremony to make it legally binding. Elopements tend to take a lot of the “fuss” away from wedding days, if you’re someone who knows you’d hate all the lead up, you can’t stand the idea of being watched walking down the aisle or having a first dance then an elopement can be a really great thing to consider. There’s nothing stopping you from having a party when you get home, it just takes all the pressure off a traditional wedding day.

If however you’re really looking forward to all the planning and the lead up to the wedding and you can’t even picture a wedding day without your family and friends by your side then a wedding day is probably more your style. There are more decisions to make for a wedding day, the first one is choosing a venue, without your venue you can’t set your date which means you can’t book any of your other suppliers.

Choosing your wedding venue

Your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your wedding day. There are so many options out there for wedding venues, you’ll definitely find one that stands out and where you can totally imagine your wedding happening. When looking at venues it’s worth having a chat to the organisers to see what your options are for personalising your day. This can be timings, food, and indoor or outdoor ceremony, having a band, what wedding activities you’re allowed etc. Different venues will have different rules and some will be more willing than others to let you personalise your day.

Have a good look on social media first to see which venues you like the look of before you go to visit. My friend Hannah set up the very brilliant Giraffe Shed last year, on social media they’re hilarious, sweary and their venue definitely has a very specific style and feel to it. I think Hannah’s venue is brilliant and if I was getting married it would be at the top of my venue list, however they’re also aware that their venue isn’t for everyone, this is absolutely a good thing! You may be looking for a venue with a certain style or a venue that is a completely blank canvas, it is out there, it’s just a case of finding it. If you are looking for a blank canvas, it may also be worth considering a village hall, these can be totally personalised however it does mean that you have to do a lot of the work yourselves. Have a good think about your venue choice, this is always one of the main aspects of any wedding day!

Don’t do things because you think you should

If you take anything away from this blog, please let it be this. Weddings have been happening since forever, this also means there are a lot of traditions that go along with them. YOU.DO.NOT.HAVE.TO.FOLLOW.TRADITION. I’ve already written a blog post about how to have a feminist wedding which touches on this, rules are made to be broken and I don’t think anyone getting married should blindly follow the tradition without really thinking about what it is they actually want for their wedding day. You don’t have to have anyone to give you away if you don’t want to. You can elope if you want to. You don’t have to wear a white dress, you don’t have to wear a dress at all. You don’t have to have any speeches. You can do a speech if you want to. Women can do speeches at weddings. You don’t have to have a bouquet. You don’t have to have any flowers. You don’t have to have a first dance and you definitely don’t have to cut the cake. If you don’t fancy doing any of these things then just don’t! I’ve shot a wedding where the bride had an awesome clutch bag instead of a bouquet because she wasn’t really a fan of flowers. I’ve shot a wedding where the bride walked herself down the aisle because she didn’t want a man giving her away to another man. I’ve shot a wedding where the bride wore a red dress. I’ve shot a wedding where the couple just didn’t do the evening bit because they hate dancing. All of these weddings were awesome and the couples all had the best time because they did exactly what they wanted to do!

Incorporate your interests into your wedding

Your wedding day is a day to celebrate the two of you as a couple committing to each other for the rest of your lives, that’s a pretty big thing and I think it’s really important to remember that the day is about you two and your relationship. With that in mind, I think it’s really important to incorporate your interests into your wedding day. There are loads of different ways you can do this, you can have vinyls from your favourite bands for your seating plan, like Chloe and Kieran did (hand painted by their amazing friend Hannah!), you can create a theme around your favourite colours, or you could have your favourite food for dinner. You can also include activities into your day that you and your partner like doing together, this could be board games, arcade machines or cocktail making. You could base the entire day around your favourite films or books. If you’re obsessed with house plants, you might want to dot them around your venue everywhere. You might both be massive foodies and have different street food trucks for your meal with a doughnut van for your dessert. Whatever it is that you love as a couple take all those things and put them together into your wedding day to really make it the best day ever!

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couple cuddling

April was a surprisingly busy month, especially considering I’m not out shooting at the moment! I’m keeping myself very busy at home with reading, baking, catching up on tv shows and also starting a personal project! Towards the end of April I decided to start a 365 project called The Happiness Endeavour, it’s based on Barbara Ann Kipfer’s book “14,000 things to be happy about”. I’ve gone through the book and underlined all my favourite things and I’m going to pick one every day to base a photograph around. The book mainly focuses on life’s little things which at the moment are the big things. I’m currently on day 15 and I’m really excited to see where the project takes me. I’ll be posting updates on here monthly and I’m updating my Instagram page new @thehappinessendeavor (almost) daily, go and take a peek!

I’ve also been sharing past weddings on my main Instagram page @lisawebbphoto , I’m adoring looking back at all my weddings and it’s filling me with a massive sense of nostalgia! Bookings are now really starting to flood in for 2021 and I’ve unfortunately had to turn a few couples away this week because I’ve already been booked on their dates. Please get in touch soon if you’re planning a 2021 or 2022 wedding and you want me to be there to photograph your day! 2021 is going to be an especially busy one with lots of couples postponing from this year to next, I’m so SO excited for it!

I’ve also started to do a few doorstep photographs around my little village. I love doing these, it’s a great way for me to continue shooting on a voluntary basis and we’ve so far managed to raise £110 for The Trussell Trust and the donations keep coming in! I’m only doing these in my village because I don’t want to be travelling around anywhere unnecessary in my car and everyone’s meeting me outside their front doors at an allotted time at a good distance so no one is put at risk at all. The Trussell Trust is a national food bank charity, food banks are really struggling at the moment and it’s highly likely that more people than ever will need to use them, any help they can get will be really appreciated! Even if I can’t photograph you at the moment, if you want to support The Trussell Trust please feel free to either donate directly to them or you can donate via my Just Giving page here:

I hope you’re all well and coping as best you can with life at the moment. You’re all doing an excellent job and I can’t wait to party with all of you at your weddings very soon! x

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Rowton Castle wedding

Jack and Alex got married at the beautiful Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury in August. It was a gorgeous day, full of sunshine, laughter and happy tears. After shooting their engagement shoot I knew that it was going to be a really laid back and stylish wedding and I absolutely wasn’t disappointed!

DIY Wedding at Rowton Castle

Jack and Alex are a really creative couple, with Jack running his own graphic design company. As soon as I turned up to Rowton Castle I was greeted with one of their awesome creations. Jack and Alex decided not to have their dogs at their wedding because as beautiful as they are, they’re VERY excitable and would probably have caused a bit of chaos. They still very much wanted them involved in their wedding though so they created a sign with photos of the two of them on, greeting their guests to their wedding with “our humans are getting married”. I really loved this, I wrote a helpful blog post all about how to involve your dog in your wedding day and as much as I love dogs I know it’s not always possible for them to be there, this was such a brilliant way of involving them in the day. Alex also made her own flowers, her bridesmaids flowers, the buttonholes, and their biscuit favours, these all looked professionally done. I was very sweetly given a biscuit during bridal prep so I can confirm that they also tasted as good as they looked! The DIY theme of the day also spread to their family, Alex’s mom, sister and grandma all had a hand in making their amazing three tier wedding cake! Not to mention their order of the day, seating plan and menus that were all made using Jack’s graphic design wizardry. I know how much work goes into a DIY wedding and Jack and Alex made the entire thing look effortless!

Couple Portraits at Rowton Castle

My favourite area for couple portraits at Rowton Castle is the woodland area they have next to the car park. It’s brilliant for couple portraits because guests never venture there so you can had a cuddle in private and the light is always beautiful. It looks great no matter what season it is, I’ve used this spot in Spring, Summer and Winter and it always works! Just before their couple portraits I managed to fall and twist my ankle down the steps at Rowton, right in front of everyone just before I did a group shot. I’m sure it was absolutely hilarious to watch! Thankfully nothing was broken so I carried on the rest of the day with a slight hobble but it was completely worth it for the magic that we captured in the woodland. Alex looked completely stunning and the back of her Essence of Australia dress in particular was a beauty, I knew it had to be a focus of a few of the images!

I absolutely loved shooting Alex and Jack’s wonderful Rowton Castle wedding, if you’re planning a wedding at Rowton then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

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