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Well… where on Earth do I start?! This month has been an absolute roller coaster for EVERYONE. It has consisted of equal parts laughter and tears. I am genuinely thanking my lucky stars for Luke because Gordon Bennett, I don’t know how I would have coped without him. I’ve spent a lot of this month in shock, I’d wake up with a jolt first thing in the morning and be unable to get to sleep at night. In the same day I’d go from feeling “everything is going to be okay” to “everything is ruined” within minutes. At the start of March I was very much looking forward to Trish and Richard’s and Jodie and James’ weddings and getting fully back into the swing of wedding season again. In the middle of March their weddings had to be postponed and by the end of March all my weddings up until July have been postponed and I’m currently working in my old Pharmacy. I have felt very out of control of my life, as I imagine many of you have. Honestly though, it’s not all bad. I’m bloody grateful for a lot of things. I’m grateful to have been asked to go back to work in Pharmacy, it means I still have money coming in for the time being, I’m allowed out of the house and I’m helping out the NHS in a very small way. I’m grateful to have a garden to go outside in. I’m grateful we live in the countryside and have lots of beautiful walks right outside our front door. I’m grateful for Luke calming me down, doing basically all the cooking, cleaning and washing at the moment. (Full time employed people, how do you get ANYTHING done?!). I am grateful for my wonderful friends, (big up to Ben who made me ugly cry by buying one of my prints). I am grateful to all my amazing couples past and present. Those of you who have had to postpone have spoken to me beforehand and we’ve worked together to find dates that work for you, your venues and me, and mates, honestly that means the world. All of my couples who have bought prints from me. All my couples who have paid for a family shoot in advance to have when all this madness is over. March has brought out the best in everyone around me and I’m very grateful for all of you. I’m grateful for technology (imagine if we couldn’t video call people!). Life is weird right now for everyone. Even though I can’t photograph any couples at the moment I’m still shooting for fun. This month’s round up includes iPhone photos as well as the normal stuff. Enjoy, stay safe x

Apley Woods Engagement Shoot

We managed to squeeze in Jodie and James’ engagement shoot in two weeks ago, before the world went completely mad. These two were supposed to get married today at Iscoyd Park but unfortunately COVID-19 has a knack of postponing lots and lots of fun stuff. They’ve rescheduled their wedding to February instead which was completely the right decision and I am going to be there with bells on! (Though not literally, that would be a nightmare trying to blend in). Jodie and James’ engagement shoot had been postponed too, when we were originally supposed to do it we had buckets of rain so we decided to reschedule the shoot instead of fighting against the elements. We seriously lucked out with the weather for their engagement shoot, it was absolutely worth postponing for!

Social media is full of bad news these days so I wanted to take a moment to talk about the good bits. Last week in particular was a very hard week but editing Jodie and James’ engagement shoot gave me a bit of normalcy to my week. Looking through their shoot made me have a big silly grin on my face and I was so excited to deliver it to them, knowing that it would hopefully brighten up their week too. Postponing a wedding isn’t something anyone wants to do but these two took it all in their stride, they worked with me and their amazing venue, Iscoyd to find a new date quickly and we’ve now got even longer to look forward to their awesome day! I know after all this their wedding day is going to mean even more. I loved hearing about their plans as we walked around Apley Woods for their engagement shoot and I know that their plans WILL happen, and I will be there to document every moment.

Jodie and James, I hope you both have a wonderful day together today, it isn’t the day that you planned but it will come around! And the most important thing is that you spend today together (and with lock down in place when you live together, there’s no escape from that haha!).

I hope this gives you all the warm fuzzies that it gave me!

Apley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement ShootApley Woods Engagement Shoot

bridal barnAlright friends, this subject is pretty unavoidable at the moment. As much as I don’t want to add any more noise to the corona virus chat I felt it was pretty important to get a message out to all my couples about my plan regarding the virus. As things stand at the moment I fully intend to be at every single one of your weddings as enthusiastic as ever. I’m really looking forward to every wedding I’ve got this year and I can’t wait to get to know my couples and their friends and families. That being said, no one really knows exactly what’s happening right now. The government is set to make announcements every day this week so things could obviously change very quickly.

If you have to postpone

If you have to postpone due to anything to do with the corona virus, don’t stress! I will work together with you to find a date in the future that works for yourselves, your venue and me. I will move your booking to this date for no extra charge. If you do have to postpone it would be amazing if you are able to, if you could pay 50% of your final balance when your full balance would have originally have been due. I’m absolutely willing to be as flexible as possible for postponements and I want to make things as stress free as I can for everyone. If you still want to get married this year then if you can it’s worth considering a weekday date, if possible.

If I get ill

I have never been too ill to shoot a wedding and obviously, no one ever plans to get ill! If I was to become ill with corona virus I promise I won’t come to your wedding and make all your guests ill. I genuinely care about all of you and no photographs are worth me making anyone poorly. Wedding suppliers are currently working away behind the scenes to make sure you’re all covered. The wedding photography industry is wonderful, I was already in quite a few emergency cover groups on Facebook for wedding photography cover anyway however I’m now in some corona specific ones. In one group we’ve got a snazzy shared document set up where a group of photographers have shared where they’re shooting their weddings and the dates and we’ve already got a few photographers lined up to potentially cover every date. We’re an organised bunch!

All in all, I don’t want any of you to panic. Things will be fine, this too shall pass, and you will all still get married, even if it does end up happening later than originally planned. If any of you have any questions just pop me an email. In the meantime, stay up to date with the news but don’t spend too much time on Facebook and go outside and enjoy this glorious sunshine!

Big love, air hugs and stay safe mates x

church weddingiscoyd parkpimhill barnthe cowshedpendrell hall

Shropshire Maternity Shoot

I’m so excited to now be offering family and maternity shoots! I shot Chloe and Kieran’s amazing humanist flamingo themed wedding at The Citadel in 2018. We got on so well that I’ve stayed in touch with them since and photographed one of their friend’s weddings last year. It was there that they told me that they were expecting a baby and I was SO excited for them, they’re such amazing people that I knew they would absolutely ace being parents. I was over the moon when they agreed to do a maternity and new born shoot with me, I had such a lovely time photographing them at their wedding that I was so excited to get to photograph them all over again, with added bump!

We did their maternity shoot in the month before Chloe was due. Obviously babies arrival is always unpredictable so it’s best to do maternity shoots between 32-37 weeks to make the most out of the lovely bump but also so you’re not too uncomfortable and so baby doesn’t arrive before we get chance to do the shoot. We can do the shoot at your home or in a location of your choice (or both!). We did Chloe and Kieran’s bump shoot in November so it was pretty cold and grim outside, for this reason we opted to do their shoot in their home. I love photographing in people’s home environments anyway, I’m hoping to do more maternity and engagement shoots at people’s homes in the future! There are so many benefits to home shoots, it’s where you’re the most comfortable, you can snuggle up on the sofa and your bed, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside, you can change clothes if you want to and you’ve got lots of access to tea and biscuits!

Chloe and Kieran’s home has the most incredible big windows which let in lots of beautiful natural light. We started off the shoot with both of them having a cuddle in the beautiful window light cradling Chloe’s bump. Maternity shoots are very similar to couple shoots, I still shoot in the same relaxed way and I don’t really pose people. I usually give couples a few gentle prompts and ask them where to stand or to have a cuddle on the sofa or bed but there’s never any awkward placement of hands etc. Their awesome dog, Watson joined in with the shoot too, he couldn’t be at their wedding so I was really pleased I finally got to photograph their fur baby!

I think maternity shoots are really important, it’s such a fleeting time of your life, you might only be pregnant once or you might choose to have lots of babies, but it will only add up to a short space of time where you were expecting. I love photographing how excited and nervous people are during this time, it’s such a huge life event and you’re literally preparing yourself for the unexpected. During the shoot I asked Chloe and Kieran what they were most excited about when their little one arrived, their responses were lovely and I think it’s such a great time to take an hour or so for a shoot and really enjoy being together before a tiny baby arrives and changes your life forever.

I’ve since photographed Chloe and Kieran’s newborn shoot with their gorgeous daughter, Rosa-Rae, I can’t wait to share that on the blog soon! If you’re thinking about booking me for your maternity or family shoot then please get in touch soon!

Watson the pugshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shootshropshire home maternity shoot


photo of the week

This weeks photo of the week features our Hol! I spent Tuesday looking after her, she’s wonderful and absolutely exhausting at the same time. She’s getting to an age where she’s becoming super aware of everything, including my camera, she loved taking photos of nana with it and seeing her on the back of the camera! I love taking photos of Holly and my nephew too. I’m so excited to have just launched my family photography side of the business, I can’t wait to capture beautiful, natural photographs for lots of other families. I’m only offering a maximum of 15 family shoots this year (on top of 30 weddings that should keep me quite busy!), you can find out more about my family shoots here. Be sure to get in touch soon to book in for yours!

This week I went to The Barn at Upcote in Cheltenham with Luke to be a guest at a wedding! It was lovely, I didn’t take a single photograph other than one of me and Luke before I left (I might include that in my monthly round up!). Their photographer was excellent so I didn’t have to worry about capturing anything and was just able to relax, eat, drink and do LOTS of dancing. We stayed until the very end and I didn’t even have a hangover the next day, what a bonus! (Although, everyone that wears heels for a whole wedding day, please tell me how on Earth do you do it?!). The Barn at Upcote is a gorgeous, intimate venue and I’d love to go back there to photograph a wedding one day 🙂 While we were in the hotel we even used the gym and pool facilities, I’ve become one of THOSE people now and I’m totally okay with it.

I had a really lovely week and I can’t wait to share what I get up to next week with you! Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog!