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wedding albumAfter your wedding I will deliver your photographs to you in mainly a digital format. Depending on which package you have chosen there may be a few prints included from the day. Digital files are brilliant because they’re the most high quality photographs that we currently have. They’re non exhaustive, you can keep getting prints and albums made and the quality of your digital photographs will remain the same. I love film photography but I think the invention of the digital camera was one of the best things ever. After you’ve gone through all your images for the first time on your online gallery or on your USB, you may wonder about the best way to protect these photographs so they outlast you and your future children, grandchildren or relatives can enjoy them too. One of my favourite things about photographs is that they get more valuable with time. I think having a photographer on your wedding is extremely important and the photographs become historical documents. It’s really important that we look after our memories so I’ve complied a helpful list of things you can do to help preserve your wedding photographs and to ensure you’re getting the most out of them.

Back up your back ups

Whether your photographs are delivered via an online gallery, USB or both, I would always advise that you keep at least two digital back ups. Digital back ups are my life. Nothing scares me more than losing photographs to a hard drive or card failure. For this reason, on your wedding day I shoot with two memory cards in each of my cameras so there is an instant back up of every image if one of my cameras or memory cards was to fail. When I get home I copy your photographs onto two external Hard drives, one of which is kept at my parents house just in case of a house fire. I also don’t delete your photographs off my memory card until I’ve edited your images. This is my fool proof way of ensuring that I don’t lose any photographs from a wedding day or while I’m editing them. After the wedding I will upload the edited photographs to your online gallery. At the moment I keep galleries up for life. This means the lifetime of my business, or the lifetime of my gallery website. This is a good backup but I’d really urge you not to rely on this alone. I don’t own the website that I use to deliver wedding galleries so they could decide to take their website offline at any point (this is quite unlikely but could happen). For this reason I would always encourage you to back up your wedding photographs digitally multiple times, to a couple of external hard drives and memory sticks. Please don’t just upload them to Facebook and think this is a good enough back up, Facebook destroys image quality so they really won’t be the same!

Print your photographs

Prints are the ultimate way to ensure that your wedding photographs last. It also means that you don’t just look at them a couple of times a year, prints mean you can decorate your house with them if  you want to, or make your own wedding album to place on your coffee table and flip through whenever you have a spare moment. I personally have a ridiculous amount of prints and I’m really happy I got them all, they don’t take up much space, and I have them dotted all around my house which gives it a really personal touch. I would encourage you to stay away from places like Snapfish or Boots for your prints, they’re both very cheap suppliers however I promise, as with most things, this will be reflected in the quality. You may not be able to tell now but in a couple of years time they will have faded and won’t look exactly as you remember them. I offer prints through my online gallery with a professional printers who I use for my own personal prints too. These prints will outlast us all, provided they are looked after, ie. Not left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time!

Invest in a wedding album

I will always be a big fan of wedding albums, this to me is how wedding photographs are meant to be looked at. They’re meant to be flipped through at your leisure with your partner and your family, each of you pointing at different photographs from your wedding saying “do you remember that?!”. I offer handmade wedding albums which make the perfect anniversary gift, especially for your first wedding anniversary which is actually called the paper anniversary. All of my couples who have ordered an album have always been really happy with them, they are a small piece of luxury and a lasting heirloom from your wedding day.

I hope this post has helped you think about what you will do with your wedding photographs after you receive them. It is never too late to sort out your digital back ups or order a wedding album. You’re also always able to purchase prints through my online gallery, if this is something you’ve been meaning to do for a while and can’t remember your log in, then just drop me a message and I’ll send it over for you!

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mr and mrsNacia and Jamie got married back in February 2020, before life got super weird. They were my only couple of 2020 to have what could be considered as a “normal” wedding. They were so lucky to have their day exactly as they had planned it and I feel so lucky that I got to be there to photograph it.

Relaxed wedding photography

Nacia and Jamie booked me quite last minute as they weren’t sure they actually wanted a wedding photographer at first. When people tell me this I do honestly understand where they’re coming from. Before I became a wedding photographer, whenever anyone suggested I do that as a career I used to shudder at the thought. Making people pose for hours for photographs when all they want to do is spend time with their friends and family and eat, drink and be merry. That sounds pretty terrible and a little soul destroying to say the least! I can’t think of anything worse than making people stand for ages taking photographs they don’t even want. This is why group shots are always optional, most couples decide to have them, but I always ask for a list of which group shots they’d like prior to their wedding day. This means that they get the shots they want and they get done really quickly. Because it was a last minute booking I didn’t actually get chance to meet Nacia and Jamie before their wedding. This is never a problem, I’ve shot loads of weddings without meeting the couple before. Nacia and Jamie are both so lovely, they both had me laughing all day. Even now, when I post a photograph of them on social media, Jamie will usually comment on it asking “who are those beautiful people?!” which always makes me laugh.

I’ve shot countless weddings at Iscoyd Park now and every single one is unique. I love their ceremony room, it’s so light and bright in there, the photographs always look amazing. As Nacia walked down the aisle, Jamie, who had originally been laughing and joking with his best men started getting tearful. This is always one of my favourite shots. After their lovely civil ceremony we nipped outside so their guests could all cover them with confetti. It was the start of February so it was very cold but their guests all did really well and you can’t tell from the photographs that everyone was shivering!

Couple portraits at golden hour

One of the best parts of a winter wedding is the early golden hour. Just as we were doing Nacia and Jamie’s couple portraits we had the most beautiful golden light pouring in through the foliage. Nacia and Jamie laughing with the golden light behind them has to be my favourite couple portrait of 2020. I can’t wait to be shooting in light like that again this year!

Nacia and Jamie booked me for shorter coverage so I was with them until just after their speeches. We ended the night with one last shot of Nacia and Jamie together in the spot where they got married earlier on in the day, and where they were due to have their first dance a few hours later. I loved photographing their wedding and I’m so grateful that I was able to do it, especially knowing what we know now about how the rest of 2020 panned out! I can’t quite believe it’s almost been a year since these two got married. Thank you so much Nacia and Jamie for having me there for your wedding!

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Shropshire wedding PhotographerI don’t think any of us are sad that 2020 is over. 2020 was a year I had 30 weddings in my diary and only ended up shooting 5 (they were all WONDERFUL). It was financially and mentally a very hard year for me and so many people I know. I’m very glad to see the back of it! 2021 has started off in England with a national lockdown, it’s not an ideal start but with the vaccine now being dished out I honestly think this year will get better. It’s always darkest before the dawn as they say.

For 2020 I set myself some goals, a few of them weren’t possible because of external circumstances however I did achieve 3 of them, which were sell one book cover photograph (I sold 3!), shoot more family photography and read 60 books (I managed 73). One of the goals I set for myself in 2020 was to blog 3 times a week. I have to be honest, 2020 made me the most unmotivated I’ve been ever. Not only was I not shooting many weddings and therefore didn’t have much to blog, I also just really, really didn’t feel like it. I asked a question recently on Instagram if any of my followers were feeling this kind of demotivation and so many of you feel the same way. Three blog posts a week was probably quite optimistic anyway and I’m not convinced that any of you would want to hear from me that often! Despite being in lockdown I now feel a renewed sense of motivation and have set myself a few goals for 2021 that I’m super excited to share with you!

Regularly make book cover sales

This is one of my main goals for this year. For 2020 I set myself a goal of selling one cover and I managed to sell three. This year I’m not putting a number on how many book covers I would like to sell, however I would like to make it a more regular income. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a massive bookworm, so having my photographs on book covers is the most logical career choice! Shooting for book covers in 2020 meant that I was still shooting a being creative for fun and this is something I was to continue into 2021. If I do start making regular book cover sales, I’ll do a monthly blog feature on them, fingers crossed!

Blog once a week

This is following on from last years goal of blogging three times a week. I’ve decided that was probably far too much and quite difficult to keep up throughout the year (especially this year when I will hopefully be very busy shooting weddings!). One blog post a week is enough to keep you all updated with what I’ve been shooting and make sure good old Google still likes me. I am probably one of those strange people who actually really enjoys blogging. I tend to sit down once a month and blast out a few at a time. Giving myself set working time for this every month really helps to make sure it gets done!

Complete couch to 5k

I’ve been attempting couch to 5k on and off for the last few years. I am not a runner, my body is not designed to run. I have weak ankles and flat feet so I’m definitely not about to sign up for a marathon. However I would very much like to finally complete couch to 5k this year, even if I never run again afterwards, at least I can say I’ve done it! This is a goal I’m going to start when the clocks change because I prefer to run in the evening but going out in the dark is definitely not safe. I’ll probably keep you updated on Instagram with this one.

Read 50 books

I could possibly make this goal higher as last year I read 73, however I really love reading and I never want to turn it into a chore. I’m hoping by the middle of this year I’m going to be very busy with weddings so may not have as much time to read as last year. 50 books is generally pretty doable for me, I tend to read before I go to sleep every night and whenever I get chance during the day and at weekends. If you want to keep up to date with what I’m reading then go and follow me on Instagram as I always post on there.

Do a pull up

I am honestly pretty weak and I hate it. We’ve recently bought a bench, squat rack and weights for our garage and our friend Liv has just completed her training to be a personal trainer and has very kindly asked me and Luke to be her first clients. I’m really excited to train this year, especially having Liv to tell us what to do. In the past I’ve always struggled with making any progress because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m hoping by the end of this year I am able to do at least one pull up.

Those are my 5 goals for this year. I purposely haven’t included anything that is too controlled by external factors because as 2020 showed us, we never know what’s going to happen. These goals are all things that are self motivated and that I can reasonably to without going too far from home. I’m really excited for this year and I’m hoping that eventually it’s full of weddings, travel, holidays, seeing friends and family and going out for lovely food. I would love to know what your goals are for 2021 too!

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shropshire family shootI’ve fallen way behind on doing my monthly round ups! I’m usually the most productive and motivated person ever, however I have to admit that this year has seriously tested that part of me. I know I’m not alone in feeling very unmotivated this year. March 2020 absolutely knocked me for six and I really felt like my entire world was tipped upside down. I’m starting to feel more like a real human again though and I thought it was time to get back on top of blogging and letting you all know what I’ve been up to throughout this year!

Back in June I shot a beautiful family shoot for Tasha and her gorgeous little boy Frankie. In July I shot Emma and Dan’s wonderful micro wedding at Dorothy Clive Garden in Market Drayton, this was the first wedding I’d shot since February and it was so lovely to be back shooting again. I’d love to do a full wedding at Dorothy Clive, it’s such a unique venue! At the end of July I did a postponement shoot with Becky and Mat, I’d done an engagement shoot with them previously at Shropshire Petals so these two knew exactly what they were doing in front of the camera at this point! Becky and Mat were supposed to be tying the knot this December, but, like most of my couples this year, have decided to postpone until next year. They wanted to do something fun again for the lead up to their wedding so we did a postponement shoot so they could announce their decision to postpone and their new wedding date to all their guests.

August was undoubtedly my busiest month this year with three engagement shoots and a wedding! In a normal year it would be very rare to have engagement shoots outnumbering weddings! I’m so grateful to everyone who’s booked in for a shoot with me this year, it’s really kept my business afloat so I can continue doing this next year and for many, many years to come. We did Steph and Ben’s engagement shoot at The Bridal Barn on what was their original wedding date. Engagement shoots have been a popular way to mark original wedding dates this year, it’s nice to celebrate them somehow. Kim and Craig had their engagement shoot in Ironbridge, I love doing engagement shoots here. We were very lucky with the weather for this one because it was threatening rain all day! Nikki and Sam went ahead with their wedding at the end of August, by the time their wedding day came round they were on plan D or E. It didn’t matter though because they and their guests had the best time ever, it was such a joyful day! They had their ceremony at Wellington Registry Office and went on to Haughton Hall in Shifnal for their reception. I was really impressed with Haughton Hall and the way the measures they had in place. I had my temperature taken before I went in and it all felt very safe! The day after Nikki and Sam’s wedding I went to Attingham Park to do an engagement shoot for Grace and Jordon. Grace and Jordon are another one of my couples who have had to postpone their wedding. I’d met Grace before at her sister Tess’ wedding so it was lovely to see her again and to meet Jordon. I loved getting to know them both and having a good chat with them as we went round Attingham Park, it was like meeting up with old friends!

In September I shot two weddings! I photographed Gemma and David’s intimate ceremony at Uppington Church and Zandie and Daniel’s ceremony at the beautiful chapel at Hawkstone Hall. It was lovely to have weddings to photograph two weekends in a row, I’m hoping that next year this will be normal again! I also did a family shoot for the lovely Chloe for her and her daughter Rosa, I’ve photographed Chloe’s wedding, their maternity shoot and newborn shoot, so it was lovely to photograph Rosa as she’s a bit older and starting to find her feet. I can’t wait to do many more shoots with Chloe, I love being part of my couples journeys and watching them and their families grow.

This month has been quieter again, at the start of the month I did another wonderful family shoot for the beautiful Verity and her family. Verity and Dave are another couple who I’ve photographed many times. I shot their wedding, their maternity shoot and now their first family shoot with their gorgeous little boy, Harrison. We were supposed to do this shoot earlier in the year however we held off due to restrictions. It was so lovely to meet Harrison and to see Verity and Dave again, I can’t wait to see them all again next year!

In the midst of all this I’ve been doing book cover shoots and I’ve managed to sell my first book covers! I’ve even sold one with my face on, it’s currently available in Croatia, if any of you speak Croatian, make sure you get a copy! We’ve also been steadily decorating our house and doing up our garden. It’s been a much quieter year than I anticipated, however I’m hoping next year that everything will get back on track and pick up again!

Enjoy the photographs!

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iscoyd park

Couple portraits are my favourite part of a wedding day. If you look on my website or social media it makes up the main bulk of what I share. Your wedding day is about the two of you and your families and I think having some beautiful natural photographs of all elements of the day is really important. This is why I think it’s really important to set aside time for your couple portraits in your wedding day and to trust anything I ask you to do while we do them, I promise you’re going to look amazing! 

What are couple portraits?

Couple portraits are simply photographs of the two of you, if you look basically anywhere on my website or social media you’ll see lots of them dotted about everywhere. We set aside a bit of time in your wedding day after your ceremony to get some photographs of the two of you. I usually always do these after your confetti and group shots. They’re usually photos of the two of you having a cuddle, a kiss or just simply holding hands and looking at each other. They’re the photographs you’re most likely to use on social media to announce your wedding. They’re the photographs that you’ll get printed and hang on your wall. They’re the photographs that you’ll dedicate a full page spread to in your album. And they’re the photographs that future generations will look at and marvel at how beautiful you look. Just by setting aside a bit of dedicated time to your couple portraits on your wedding day you get some gorgeous photographs to look back on of just the two of you that will transport you both back to how the day felt. They’re my favourite part of a wedding day to shoot because I think it’s one of the most important parts of your day. It’s the time of the day where you both have a breather and spend time completely by yourselves with me in the background. Your wedding will go by in the blink of an eye, it’s so important that you take this moment to treasure this time and know that you will look back on this day in all the years to come. I can guarantee that your couple portraits are going to be one of the main parts of the day that you can remember.

My approach

My approach to your couple portraits is very relaxed. I’ll give you a bit of gentle direction but there won’t be any super stiff posing and I promise I won’t manually place you in awkward positions. You don’t know it yet but you know how to pose yourselves. I want you to look back on these photographs and remember the moment, I don’t want you to remember feeling super awkward because your photographer placed you in a weird position. To give you a general idea of the gentle direction I’ll give, I’ll probably ask you to have a cuddle or for one of you to go behind the other, for you to hold hands or for you to whisper silly things in the other persons ear. I’m not interested in putting you into poses that I think will look good for a photograph but will in reality, feel really awkward. I want to give you a bit of an idea and for you both to interpret the direction however you want. Not only does this feel a million times more natural but it means you’ll remember the moment more than whatever it was I asked you to do. The main thing I am always looking to photograph is moments between the two of you. This usually means I’ll ask you to do something that feels silly but it will be guaranteed to make you laugh. Whatever I ask you to do, just trust that I haven’t completely lost it, I know we’ll get good photographs at the end of it.

Most of my couples hate having their photo taken and this is the part of their wedding day that they’re probably most nervous about. Every single one of my couples look amazing in the photographs so you definitely don’t have to worry about anything. If you are worried though and you’d like to get to know me a bit before your wedding and have a bit of a practice before the day itself then I can’t recommend an engagement enough. Full disclosure, engagement shoots start out with feeling a bit weird. I’m someone you’ve most likely just met and I’m taking photos of the two of you having a cuddle, it’s a bit weird. As the shoot goes on though it becomes really normal and you’ll go from dreading the couple portrait part of your wedding day to really looking forward to it. I don’t think anyone should dread any aspect of their wedding day so if this sounds like you then please do book in for an engagement shoot so I can show you exactly how awesome you’re going to look on the day itself. After the shoot I promise you’ll be completely chilled and looking forward to it!

How long should we set aside for couple portraits?

Setting a wedding timeline is no easy task, there are so many parts of the day to think about. I recently wrote a guest blog on Shropshire Petals site which will give you more info about setting an overall wedding timeline. For your couple portraits between 20-30 minutes after we’ve done your ceremony and group shots is ideal. This is the perfect time for us to leave your guests to their own devices for a little while and for you to have some time to yourselves. Giving yourselves a dedicated 20-30 minutes in your wedding day to get some beautiful couple portraits is just the right amount of time for us to go for a bit of a wander around your venues grounds or nearby and to take a breather so the two of you actually get some time together on your wedding day. If we get chance after your food we may go out again for some more photographs if we get a beautiful golden hour and you’re not too photoed-out. However I always get some photographs of the two of you before you sit down to eat. This is for a number of reasons, it ensures we won’t lose the light, you’ll both look your best, no one will be too drunk and there’s no chance you’ll have spilt food down yourself!

Couple portraits can be such a lovely part of a wedding day and I’d really recommend that you make the most of this time, you’ll have so many amazing memories from it!

Iscoyd Park Wedding

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