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apley woods engagement shoot

It’s been another busy week! I haven’t shot any weddings this week, I shoot a maximum of 6 weddings a month which I have in August however I’m doing a month of 3 double wedding weekends which means I’ve bagged a whole 2 weekends off (in summer!). I love shooting weddings but having time off is super important as well to make sure I don’t burn out and can give my all to every single couple. I photographed Becki and Mike’s engagement shoot on Thursday in Apley Woods which was absolutely lovely! Couple portraits are always my favourite part of a wedding day so I always love doing engagement shoots because it’s basically taking my favourite bit of a wedding day but even more chilled out. I had a wander around Apley Woods with Becki and Mike and we had a good chat about their wedding coming up in October. I loved photographing these two, they barely needed any direction with posing they were so natural together!

As I didn’t have a wedding on Saturday I actually went out on Friday night for curry and a few drinks, it was so lovely seeing so many of my friends again after a hectic summer! I spent Sunday buying a bed and mattress for our house (which we’ll hopefully move into soon!) and on Wednesday I was in Manchester to get my camera and lenses serviced. In between all this I’ve been slogging away with editing, I love seeing the weddings I’ve shot come together during the editing process! This weekend I’m going to Borth with Luke and we don’t really any many plans other than chilling out by the seaside. I’m sure that will involve reading, films, books and wine (and probably fish and chips). Check back again this time next week to see my photo of the week!

winter wedding ideas

I absolutely love winter weddings! If you’re thinking about having a winter wedding there are a few things you should probably think about (the light being the biggest thing!). I’ve compiled a helpful little list of things to plan for for your winter wedding!

Have an early ceremony

This is absolutely key for winter weddings. In winter in the UK we get as little as 8 hours of daylight in winter so making the most of that light on your wedding day is the most important thing for getting amazing photographs. I’m not saying you should have a morning ceremony, 12pm or 1pm works absolutely fine! I’d just steer clear of going beyond 1:30pm, as we then have a really limited time after your ceremony to get photographs of you and your guests in the daylight. In the same theme of timings I would also make sure to have at least 2 hours between the end of your ceremony and your speeches or wedding breakfast (whichever you’re having first). In summer, I often take my couples out for a second time after their wedding breakfast for a few more portraits, during winter however this usually isn’t really an option as it will be pitch black outside. The only thing I really need to take good photographs is good light (and a camera of course!), so having a really good amount of time between the end of your ceremony and your food means that we’ll have plenty of time to get some gorgeous photographs of you and your guests, making the most of the daylight while we have it!

Scope out somewhere inside to do group shots

Being in the UK our weather is pretty erratic. I’ve done February weddings where it’s been gorgeous sunshine and summer weddings where we’ve have torrential rain. This tip doesn’t really just count for winter weddings, just UK weddings in general! I would always much rather head outside for group shots to make the most of the surrounding areas, and the light is always better outside. However sometimes this just isn’t possible, if it’s throwing it down with rain it’s obviously way more practical for us to do your group family photographs inside your venue. It’s always a great plan before your wedding to have a little look round at the space your venue has to offer and think about where you would do your family photos if we have to do them inside. Some venues are really big and bright, with loads of space for group shots, whereas some venues are smaller with very little space for group photographs. If your venue falls into the category of smaller with little space for group shots we may just need to reduce the numbers of people in the shots. It’s definitely worth thinking about beforehand so we can plan for it!

Hire some umbrellas

Again, this one just counts for all UK weddings, not just winter weddings! I’d highly recommend hiring some umbrellas for your guests and yourselves to use, especially if your ceremony and reception are at different venues. Umbrella hire is fairly cheap and just means that you won’t be left with a load of spare umbrellas after your wedding. I’ve recommended Brolly Bucket to quite a few of my couples and like insurance, it’s always nice to know it’s there but hopefully we won’t need them!

Get the party started early

In summer the average time for the first dance is around 8-8:30pm, this works really well because it means after the meal your guests can wander outside and spend some more time in the sun. In winter however with it being dark outside it’s more than likely that everyone will stay cooped up inside waiting for the dancing to begin. If your venue allows it (ie, if they don’t need to turn the room around) I highly recommend having your first dance a little earlier than this, around 7-7:30pm. It stops the lull that can sometimes happen between the meal and the party, and chances are with winter being party season, your guests will be well up for getting into the dancing a bit earlier!

Get some sparklers!

I always love a sparkler shot in winter, they’re a bit of an alternative to sunset photos, which we may not be able to get as you may be midway through your meal. Sparklers are great to use between the end of your food and first dance, it gives your guests something to do and also  means that they’re not usually too drunk as the party hasn’t fully kicked in just yet! I always recommend buying long burning sparklers, you can buy ones that last for around 2 minutes, this gives us plenty of time to get everyone’s lit before they all start going out! They’re also great to use for photos of just the two of you, sparklers give off a really lovely soft light so these are great to use in winter for portraits after dinner!

Take a peek below at some wonderful winter weddings I’ve shot. I’m still taking bookings for a handful of weddings this year into 2020 so get in touch soon to secure your date!

st marys guildhallwinter weddingwinter wedding at blakelands country housewinter wedding at the hundred housedecember weddingwinter wedding at rowton castlefirst kiss at the cowshedgorcott hallwinter wedding at iscoyd parkwinter wedding at pimhill barnsfirst kiss at pimhill barnsitting on the swing at iscoyd parkgorcott hall dancingsparklers at rowton castlewinter wedding at iscoyd parkwellies and wedding dresswinter confetticonfetti under umbrellaswinter wedding

bride and groom having a cuddle in shropshire

Daniel and Diana had a beautiful winter blessing back in January at High Ercall Church in Shropshire and had the reception back at Daniel’s parents home. There were only around 15 guests, there was no formal sit down meal, just a ceremony, a toast, some cake and lots of love!

Blessing at High Ercall Church

Diana and Daniel had actually been married for quite a few years already. They tied the knot abroad where they live and they said they just nipped to the local city hall and signed the paperwork. They didn’t have professional photographs or many family members there to celebrate with them, so they decided to nip back over to the UK a few years later to have a blessing in Daniel’s local church with some really close friends and family present. Photographing couples who are just getting married is always really lovely but there’s something just as wonderful in photographing couples that have been together for a long time. I’ve photographed a few vow renewals now and it’s always wonderful to see people reaffirming their love to each other after being together for many years.

Diana and Daniel chose to have their blessing at High Ercall Church as this is the church that is right next to Daniel’s old family home. It also happened to be just down the road from me too, I LOVE where I live so I always love getting to photograph at different areas around there. As Diana and Daniel were already married they both turned up to church together which meant we had a bit of time before their ceremony to take a few photos of the two of them around the church grounds. It’s not very often that this happens and I really love how laid back it was.

Wedding Reception in the living room

I love an at home wedding. There’s always something really relaxed about them and Diana and Daniel’s wedding was no different! After their ceremony we made our way back to Daniel’s family home where everyone crowded into the living room for champagne and wedding cake. The whole feel of this was really nostalgic to me, it reminded me of what my parents wedding day was probably like, especially being so close to home. They had a few informal speeches and lots of little nibbles, with their wedding being in January and it still being quite cold outside it had such a cosy feel to it. I really do think winter months are so well suited to at home weddings and I’d love to shoot more of them! Diana and Daniel had tied in their blessing with coming over for Christmas which was a really great idea, they’re currently living in the US so it’s quite a way for them to travel.

After champagne and cake we ventured back outside for a few more photographs of the two of them. The house just happens to be surrounded by fields which is perfect for portraits. We made great use of the surrounding fields and roads. Due to how intimate their blessing was they only needed a couple of hours coverage so while we were shooting their final few portraits I asked what they were going to be doing for the rest of the day and it was mainly packing because they were heading home to the US the very next day! I rarely offer reduced coverage in Summer as I’m normally really busy shooting full day weddings, however in Winter when I shoot fewer weddings I always love taking on a handful of shorter days. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s Diana and Daniel’s amazing intimate winter wedding!

bride and groomcouple portraitsbride and groomintimate winter weddingwinter weddinghigh ercall churchhigh ercall church weddingbride at high ercallbridegroombride walking into high ercall churchbride and groom in churchthe vowschurch reading next to christmas treefirst kiss in high ercall churchbride and groom in high ercall churchbride and groom walking out of high ercall churchwedding cakewedding nibblesopening champagnereception drinks at homebouquet on the setteespeeches at homebride and groom giving a toastkiss in a fieldbride and groom on a shropshire road

floral hall wedding

This has been another week where it’s been almost impossible to choose my favourite image of the week! I had another two wonderful weddings, the first one was Laura and Jay’s at the fabulous Iscoyd Park and Saturday’s wedding was Hannah and Ed’s at Floral Hall. I also did a really lovely engagement shoot on Monday, it’s been another really hectic week! Hannah and Ed’s is my last wedding until the end of August, I’m doing 6 weddings in August over 3 weekends which means I had TWO wonderful weekends off, which I’m very excited about! Six weddings in one month is the maximum that I will do. I always limit the amount of weddings I do every year, which includes limiting how many weddings I do in one month. I want to give absolutely everything I can to my couples and I know that if I did more than this I’d run out of energy very quickly!

Hannah and Ed had an awesome DIY wedding, they got married at the Methodist church in Werrington and from there headed over to Floral Hall. Floral Hall is a really lovely venue, it’s essentially a village hall that’s surrounded by a large public park. This was absolutely perfect for their couple portraits! This is another week where we’ve been really lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain at all for Hannah and Ed’s wedding, it was just a bit windy which we could definitely cope with!

I love this photograph because of the absolute joy on Hannah and Ed’s faces, these two were not only really lovely humans, their friends and family were too! This photograph just captures a little essence of the fun that was had on their wedding day. It captured right before the got into the car and zoomed off their venue to greet all their wonderful guests.

When I sent over Hannah and Ed’s sneak peeks they said…

“Thank you so much for these! We love them and we’re excited to see the rest 🙂  Thank you for everything on Saturday, nothing was too much for you and there was no stress around the group photos at all! Everyone felt you were very efficient, friendly and unobtrusive. We will definitely recommend you. Glad you had a good day too- we had the time of our lives!”
Check back this time next week to see next week’s photograph of the week!

intimate winter wedding

Ella and Jonny got married last December at the bride’s parents’ home, which is a beautiful house in Shropshire. They had their ceremony at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, which is a local art gallery in the middle of Shrewsbury. It was a beautiful day and we were even lucky with the December weather!

Getting ready

Ella got ready at home with her family, and the atmosphere was really calm and relaxed. Jonny was also getting ready at home but they avoided seeing each other until Ella was completely ready in her dress. After Ella and Jonny were both ready they had a first look in the conservatory at the house. They were travelling to the ceremony together so decided to do some of their couple portraits before their ceremony. I love doing first looks, they’re always a more relaxed way of doing couple portraits and you’re always guaranteed to see each others reactions with no distraction from anyone else around you. First looks are definitely best suited to relaxed weddings. As Ella and Jonny’s wedding was quite intimate with only about 15 guests it was the perfect option for their day so they could spend more time with their family after their ceremony.

Getting hitched

The ceremony was an intimate affair under a flower arch at Shrewsbury Art Gallery. Juliet Glaves had done all their flowers and they looked absolutely amazing, the flower arch was really wild and green. And they followed through with this theme at home for their reception as they had lots of wildflowers on the table and on the walls. During the ceremony they had a beautiful reading by Jonny’s sisters that resulted in lots of happy tears. It was such a personal and meaningful ceremony. After their ceremony they spent some time with their guests in the same room. They opened a bottle of champagne and had a few toasts, I absolutely loved how relaxed it was!

The afternoon

The reception was in the conservatory at home. They chose the venue because it’s their family home and it has so many memories. It was a n intimate winter wedding, which are always really lovely. I love shooting winter weddings because the light is always incredible.

They had drinks and canapes in the afternoon, and an intimate family dinner in the evening. The food was provided by Csons in Shrewsbury and I can confirm it was absolutely delicious! I’ve been at a few weddings that Csons have catered at and they always do a really good job, if you’re looking for a caterer for your wedding I highly recommend them. They decorated the venue with flowers and they chose this, because they wanted to keep it seasonal. As they didn’t have lots of guests and their home was already really beautiful, they didn’t need loads of decoration so the flowers were a great way to make it special but still keeping the decor quite simple.

For dinner they had a roast dinner, which was loved by all the guests. The first dance in the conservatory before they ate, and they finished off the evening with lots of cake.

The most memorable part of the day was the first dance, because they did it in the conservatory surrounded by their closest friends and family, right next to the Christmas tree, it was so perfect for the time of year.

The couple

Ella wore a knee length Claire Mischevani couture dress and Jonny wore a bespoke kilt and they looked so amazing.

Ella and Jonny’s wedding was so laid back and everything I love about weddings. Here’s their Intimate Winter wedding!

If you’re having a winter wedding, get in touch!

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