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wedding-speechWhatever role you’re playing in the wedding, if you’re the bride, groom, best man/woman I’ve put together a few helpful tips to write a great wedding speech. I’ve been to over 100 weddings and I’ve heard a lot of speeches, the good, the bad and the way too long. If you’re having speeches at your wedding and you think one of the wedding party who you’ve asked to do a speech might like a little help, send this blog post their way!

Don’t Google it, (please)

Okay, so this one is pretty ironic considering I’m giving tips for writing a wedding speech on the internet! But if there is only one thing you take away from this blog post, it’s simply don’t google it! By all means google the structure and have a little look around online for tips of what to include but steer well away from the jokes. (If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard the Bangor joke!). Any good speech will be written from the heart and if you’re getting your jokes from google there’s a very big chance many of the guests will have heard them before. Not only will all the guests find a unique joke funnier, all the suppliers in the room will thank you too!

Don’t make it too long

Have a good practice of your speech at home and it’s definitely worth timing it to get a rough idea of how long it will take. If the couple are having their speeches before food, no one will thank you for talking too long and delaying the food! Around 5-10 minutes of well wishes, funny stories and jokes is about right. Any more than 10 minutes and  you’ll start losing people, they may find an excuse to go to the bar or the toilet, or they may just start talking among themselves. Keep it short (ish) and sweet, this way you don’t have to think of too much to say, so you can just keep the best bits and it’s also means you get fed quicker or get dancing quicker.

Don’t make it too short

Following on from my last point, it’s also worth trying not to make it too short. If the couple have asked you to say a few words on their day then it’s definitely worth planning it out a bit and you don’t want to make it seem like you’ve just winged it too much. Anything less than 5 minutes is possibly a bit too short.

Don’t drink too much

As hilarious as drunk people are, no one wants to spend 10 minutes listening to a drunk person babble their way through a speech. I’m all about a bit of dutch courage but definitely try to pace yourself before you do your speech, there will be plenty of time for catching up later!

Have a laugh!

All in all, chances are if the couple have asked you to do a speech they trust you to do a good job and generally just be a bit of a laugh. Funny and heartfelt speeches are always the most memorable for me. Everyone loves hearing a hilarious story and it really helps to keep up the good vibes of the day. Try to enjoy it as much as possible, plan it out a bit and you’ll be absolutely fine!

wedding speechwedding speechwedding speechwedding speechwedding speechwedding speech

spring blossoms

This weeks photo of the week is a sure sign that Spring is on the way! Aside from shooting weddings I’m also a book cover photographer, I try to take photos for book covers most days as I’m still building up my portfolio for this at the moment. I’ve been shooting book covers for around a year now and I love how they make me really creative and make me think about shots and photography in different ways. This week I managed to fit in 6 book cover shoots which is really good going, especially considering I also photographed a wedding on Saturday! For this shoot I took a wander around my parent’s village to see what shots I could get of the local environment that could be used on book covers. There’s a blossom tree in the village that I use every year for photography, so while I was on my walk I decided to stop by the tree to see if it was in bloom yet. I just managed to catch the tree just as it’s beginning to bloom, this shot is of one of the very few blossoms that is open at the moment. No doubt I’ll be back to see this tree again next month to hopefully capture it in full bloom!

This weekend was full of the most grim weather, thankfully Saturday’s wedding was still every bit as lovely as it would have been even if we’d had sunshine! I was supposed to shoot an engagement shoot on Sunday but we decided it was best to postpone the shoot to another day, when hopefully we’ll have much nicer weather! Despite the storms we’ve been having recently I’m over the moon that the days are steadily starting to get longer, I cannot wait until next month when the clocks will finally change so the nights will be even lighter!

Remember to check back here again next week to see what I get up to!

iscoyd park wedding

Danielle and Colm had the most awesome Summer wedding at Iscoyd Park back in August. I first met Danielle and Colm the week before their wedding for their engagement shoot at Brown Moss Nature Reserve. I could tell as soon as I met them that their wedding was going to be the most epic, stylish wedding ever and I was not wrong! I love shooting at Iscoyd Park, I shoot around 5 weddings there each year and always love going back. Danielle and Colm chose to have their ceremony in the nearby St Mary’s Whitewell church, it’s a beautiful white church, it looks very small from the outside however quite deceptively can hold around 100 guests!

Emma Beaumount Wedding Dress

Danielle had her bespoke wedding dress made by Emma Beaumont, who is a dress maker based in Cheshire and Manchester. I knew Danielle’s dress was going to be stunning but I was still completely blown away by how amazing it was. It was absolutely the perfect dress for her! She had even had a little detail embroidered onto the cuff of one of her sleeves, she’d had “D & C” embroidered on for Danielle and Colm’s initials. I loved this little detail! Danielle sent me a message about this before their wedding to let me know it’s something she’d love a close up of. If I’m honest I could have spent the entire 12 hours that I was at Danielle and Colm’s wedding just shooting close ups of the dress, there were so many tiny details, it was clear the amount of hours that must have been put into making it.

Summer Wedding at Iscoyd Park

Some really stand out moments in Danielle and Colm’s day have to be the confetti shot, Colm being thrown into the air by his groomsmen, the couple portraits, the speeches, the dancing and the sparklers. It was one of those weddings were everything going wonderfully, the weather was incredible, the light was brilliant and there were lots of beautiful moments to photograph. Colm being launched into the air by his groomsmen has to be one of my favourite shots of the day, I was very worried at the time that Colm was either going to get hurt or his suit was going to get hurt! Everything turned out completely fine though and get got a really hilarious set of images out of it. I was shooting with a second shooter that day which was brilliant because it meant we could get two angles on Colm being thrown into the air! The sparkler shot at the end of the night has to be one of my favourite sparkler shots to date. I love how happy Colm and Danielle look in these photographs!

Flowers by Sass Flower

Another supplier that I was blown away by at Danielle and Colm’s wedding was their florist. I hadn’t worked with Sass Flower before but I will definitely be recommending them from now on! Danielle’s bouquet was absolutely stunning, there was such a beautiful mix of flowers and colours in there, it worked so well with Danielle’s dress. They also supplied flowers for outside church, the bridesmaids and the marquee. The Marquee in particular looked amazing! I loved how Sass Flower had brought Danielle’s vision into reality, in my opinion you can never have too many flowers!

I absolutely loved shooting Danielle and Colm’s Iscoyd Park wedding. If you’re getting married at Iscoyd Park, then get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

St MaryIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingEmma BeaumontEmma BeaumontWhitewell Church WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingWhitewell Church WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park Wedding

Iscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park WeddingIscoyd Park Wedding

Bride’s Dress: Emma Beaumont

Bride’s Shoes: Simmi

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Jarlo London

Suits: Whitfield and Ward

Video: Shutterbox Films

Florist:  Sass Flower

Cake: A Moment on the lips

make up artistI get asked quite often by brides if they “should” have a make up artist on their wedding day. I usually get asked by brides that don’t wear make up very often so they’re worried that they’ll look completely different. I also get asked by brides that are really skilled at doing their own make up but aren’t sure if it will look different on camera. I’ve complied this handy little blog post to go through a few of these concerns so you can decide if a make up artist is the right choice for your wedding.

I don’t wear make up very often – will my partner wonder who they’re marrying?!

One of the main worries bride’s tell me about deciding whether to have a make up artists on their wedding day is that the make up artist will use loads of make up and make them look like a totally different person. So, my first piece of advice with this one is don’t feel that you HAVE to have a make up artist, there’s a lot of things that the wedding industry pushes that you don’t necessarily need on your wedding day. If you never wear make up, are happy with how you look without make up and would feel super uncomfortable wearing make up, then the answers simple, don’t worry about it. Cross it off your list of things to organise and move on. If however, you don’t wear make up and or don’t wear much make up on a daily basis but you’d really like to wear some on your wedding day then I promise, there are lots of make up artists out there who go for a very natural look. I’d heavily advise that you have a good look round online to find a make up artist that you like. I personally always recommend Sophie Bruno, Make up by Harper and Sarah Russell, they always enhance every bride’s natural beauty and it always looks beautifully natural. After you’ve found the make up artist that you think you’d like to book, a make up trial is a great idea. During the trial you can work together with your make up artist to achieve a look that you’re really happy with. This is the perfect time to make any changes to look you’d like to make too, on a wedding day there’s obviously a big time pressure for you to be ready for the ceremony, there generally isn’t time to be fully tweaking your entire make up look on the morning of your wedding. After the trial I’d recommend keeping the make up on for a few hours, if you can. This is a great way to see how the make up wears over the course of a day, to make sure your skin reacts well to the make up (speaking as someone with super dry skin!) etc. If you don’t want your partner to see your make up before the wedding itself, just arrange a nice day out with a friend instead!

Will my make up look different on camera?

In short, no. As long as we’ve got good light, what you see when you look at your make up in a mirror is exactly what the camera will record. I’d recommend looking at your make up in natural light, next to a window is the best! If you’re happy with how your make up looks, this is how it will look in your photographs.

I’m thinking about doing my own make up, is that a good idea?

Go for it! I’ve photographed lots of brides who have done their own make up for their wedding day and they’ve all looked lovely. I recommend not buying a completely new set of make up and using it for the first time on your wedding day. As I mentioned above with having a make up trial with a make up artist, if you’re planning to do your own make up for your wedding day I would recommend that you do your own trial to see how the make up wears and to see if you’d change anything before the day itself. I’d also recommend doing your make up in a mirror next to a source of natural light (ie. a window). Make up artists usually do their clients make up either next to a window or infront of a ring light, either of these options is great because this is the best way to see colour, especially for things like foundation. If you’re thinking of doing your own make up but you’re nervous about it, I’d recommend booking in some lessons with a make up artist, which would not only mean you can apply your make up like a professional for your wedding day, but also means you’ve got that skill for life! If you’re still thinking you’ll be really nervous and won’t be able to hold a brush steady then I’d consider booking a make up artist. They take all the stress away from getting ready and mean that you just get to sit there on the morning of your wedding and be pampered.

I hope this has helped you decide if having a make up artist on your wedding day is the right decision for you! Make sure you head back to the blog on Sunday to see my photo of the week!

make up artistmake up artistmake up artistmake up artistmake up artistmake up artist


I’m a bit slower on sharing my photo of the week this week because I’ve been a bit ill this weekend! This weeks photo features a daisy in the frost, I went out out for a stroll on Thursday morning with my camera and my macro lens to shoot some close ups of the frost. I love photographing flowers, during Spring and Summer this is the most common thing I photograph (other than weddings!).  I was absolutely over the moon to find this tiny daisy peeking out beneath the frost. This was taken at the side of a road, I had to keep jumping up to avoid cars, I’m fairly sure they all thought I was a bit bonkers! While I was out I also saw some daffodils just popping their heads up too, it seems that Spring is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

This was the only shoot I did this week, behind the scenes there’s been a lot of admin going on with enquiries, accounts and marketing! I read a book called Hashtag Authentic which really inspired me to pick up my camera for personal work again. I’ve also been shooting book covers, reading and really getting prepared for all of this years weddings. I’ve now only got 5 more spaces for 2020 weddings, which is really exciting but equally I hate having to tell people that I’m already booked on their date. If you’re thinking about booking me for your wedding please do get in touch soon!

Remember to check back here again next week to see my next photo of the week!