Your wedding & COVID-19

bridal barnAlright friends, this subject is pretty unavoidable at the moment. As much as I don’t want to add any more noise to the corona virus chat I felt it was pretty important to get a message out to all my couples about my plan regarding the virus. As things stand at the moment I fully intend to be at every single one of your weddings as enthusiastic as ever. I’m really looking forward to every wedding I’ve got this year and I can’t wait to get to know my couples and their friends and families. That being said, no one really knows exactly what’s happening right now. The government is set to make announcements every day this week so things could obviously change very quickly.

If you have to postpone

If you have to postpone due to anything to do with the corona virus, don’t stress! I will work together with you to find a date in the future that works for yourselves, your venue and me. I will move your booking to this date for no extra charge. If you do have to postpone it would be amazing if you are able to, if you could pay 50% of your final balance when your full balance would have originally have been due. I’m absolutely willing to be as flexible as possible for postponements and I want to make things as stress free as I can for everyone. If you still want to get married this year then if you can it’s worth considering a weekday date, if possible.

If I get ill

I have never been too ill to shoot a wedding and obviously, no one ever plans to get ill! If I was to become ill with corona virus I promise I won’t come to your wedding and make all your guests ill. I genuinely care about all of you and no photographs are worth me making anyone poorly. Wedding suppliers are currently working away behind the scenes to make sure you’re all covered. The wedding photography industry is wonderful, I was already in quite a few emergency cover groups on Facebook for wedding photography cover anyway however I’m now in some corona specific ones. In one group we’ve got a snazzy shared document set up where a group of photographers have shared where they’re shooting their weddings and the dates and we’ve already got a few photographers lined up to potentially cover every date. We’re an organised bunch!

All in all, I don’t want any of you to panic. Things will be fine, this too shall pass, and you will all still get married, even if it does end up happening later than originally planned. If any of you have any questions just pop me an email. In the meantime, stay up to date with the news but don’t spend too much time on Facebook and go outside and enjoy this glorious sunshine!

Big love, air hugs and stay safe mates x

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