Supplier Spotlight – KnockKnockPenny Studio

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KnockKnockPenny Studio is run by the lovely Hannah, who is a super talented graphic designer and wedding stationer. She is someone that I would recommend to all my couples for any of their wedding stationery needs. I caught up with her recently to ask her a few questions.

How long have you been doing stationery weddings and how did you get into doing it?

I have been running KnockKnockPenny Studio for roughly 4 years now since I had my little girl. I am a Graphic Designer and fell into wedding stationery purely because I loved planning my own wedding so much I wanted to stay involved with weddings. I think I may have a problem because i’m still watching Say Yes to the Dress now!

What’s your favourite thing to make and design?

I love wax seals. I think they really add a luxury level to stationery. I use them in a modern way so it suits a more stylish wedding but it is a nice throwback at the same time. I also love menus. I think some couples under estimate what a lovely layer/element they add to your tablescapes. One of Lisa’s previous brides Sarah didn’t miss those final touches and it really showed in the photographs Lisa later took.

What’s the best bit about being a wedding stationer?

I love working with couples and hearing all about their plans. I love watching their ideas come together in the final package. I have to be honest but I also like it because it’s the type of job on the most part you do in your PJ’s with Gilmore Girls on and a good snack. I set my own time table and it fits around my family.

What’s your favourite style of wedding stationery?

I love a more fine art style of stationery. Tactile stationery is the best. You want people to want to tough it and to keep it. Anything with wax or ribbon or even Hot Foil on it is just exciting now as it was when I started out.

Out of all the weddings you’ve done stationery for, what has been your favourite design?

That’s really tough as I think the final product has a personality so it’s kind of like saying what couple you prefer in a way. I love my semi-custom designs as I like to see the different ways couples style them with ribbon wax or even the colour scheme. I also love it when couples add personal things like Venue Drawings.

If you were going to recommend any other supplier to a couple, who would it be?

I would go for the one and only The Flower Lounge based in Didsbury, Manchester. Not only do I have first hand experience of her skill in creating my own wedding flowers but from day one she has gone out of her way to support me and my business. Sian is an amazing bundle of energy and she knows exactly what you need and she knows how to do it.

Go and check out Hannah’s website if you’d like to see more of her work!

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