Should I have a make up artist for my wedding day?

make up artistI get asked quite often by brides if they “should” have a make up artist on their wedding day. I usually get asked by brides that don’t wear make up very often so they’re worried that they’ll look completely different. I also get asked by brides that are really skilled at doing their own make up but aren’t sure if it will look different on camera. I’ve complied this handy little blog post to go through a few of these concerns so you can decide if a make up artist is the right choice for your wedding.

I don’t wear make up very often – will my partner wonder who they’re marrying?!

One of the main worries bride’s tell me about deciding whether to have a make up artists on their wedding day is that the make up artist will use loads of make up and make them look like a totally different person. So, my first piece of advice with this one is don’t feel that you HAVE to have a make up artist, there’s a lot of things that the wedding industry pushes that you don’t necessarily need on your wedding day. If you never wear make up, are happy with how you look without make up and would feel super uncomfortable wearing make up, then the answers simple, don’t worry about it. Cross it off your list of things to organise and move on. If however, you don’t wear make up and or don’t wear much make up on a daily basis but you’d really like to wear some on your wedding day then I promise, there are lots of make up artists out there who go for a very natural look. I’d heavily advise that you have a good look round online to find a make up artist that you like. I personally always recommend Sophie Bruno, Make up by Harper and Sarah Russell, they always enhance every bride’s natural beauty and it always looks beautifully natural. After you’ve found the make up artist that you think you’d like to book, a make up trial is a great idea. During the trial you can work together with your make up artist to achieve a look that you’re really happy with. This is the perfect time to make any changes to look you’d like to make too, on a wedding day there’s obviously a big time pressure for you to be ready for the ceremony, there generally isn’t time to be fully tweaking your entire make up look on the morning of your wedding. After the trial I’d recommend keeping the make up on for a few hours, if you can. This is a great way to see how the make up wears over the course of a day, to make sure your skin reacts well to the make up (speaking as someone with super dry skin!) etc. If you don’t want your partner to see your make up before the wedding itself, just arrange a nice day out with a friend instead!

Will my make up look different on camera?

In short, no. As long as we’ve got good light, what you see when you look at your make up in a mirror is exactly what the camera will record. I’d recommend looking at your make up in natural light, next to a window is the best! If you’re happy with how your make up looks, this is how it will look in your photographs.

I’m thinking about doing my own make up, is that a good idea?

Go for it! I’ve photographed lots of brides who have done their own make up for their wedding day and they’ve all looked lovely. I recommend not buying a completely new set of make up and using it for the first time on your wedding day. As I mentioned above with having a make up trial with a make up artist, if you’re planning to do your own make up for your wedding day I would recommend that you do your own trial to see how the make up wears and to see if you’d change anything before the day itself. I’d also recommend doing your make up in a mirror next to a source of natural light (ie. a window). Make up artists usually do their clients make up either next to a window or infront of a ring light, either of these options is great because this is the best way to see colour, especially for things like foundation. If you’re thinking of doing your own make up but you’re nervous about it, I’d recommend booking in some lessons with a make up artist, which would not only mean you can apply your make up like a professional for your wedding day, but also means you’ve got that skill for life! If you’re still thinking you’ll be really nervous and won’t be able to hold a brush steady then I’d consider booking a make up artist. They take all the stress away from getting ready and mean that you just get to sit there on the morning of your wedding and be pampered.

I hope this has helped you decide if having a make up artist on your wedding day is the right decision for you! Make sure you head back to the blog on Sunday to see my photo of the week!

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