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Creative & Honest Family Photography

Families are honest, full of joy, messy and definitely not perfect. Family photography is about the little moments, finding the extraordinary in ordinary every day life.

Finding the beauty in the mundane. It’s about capturing all those little things that you don’t want to forget, their tiny hands, their chubby cheeks, their favourite toys, days out at the park, days in reading a book.

All of these small every day moments go by so fast, you worry if you’re making the most of them and you want to remember every little thing forever.

These photographs will be looked back on in 10 years’ time as you fondly say, “do you remember when…?”, taking you straight back to that moment.


My Approach


family photographyHonest Images

I’m a big believer in creating honest imagery. I want to capture the every day, your kids exactly as they are. I don’t pose children, they’re interesting enough as it is, I like documenting your kids while they’re spending time with you, giving you cuddles, reading with you, playing with you and causing mischief.  The every day things that will be so easily forgotten in a few years time, bath time, how they looked when they smiled when they were a baby, their eyes, their hair. All of things change so quickly it’s so important to document every little thing.

Relaxed Family Photography

For all my family shoots I always go where you and your family are most comfortable. For many families this is their home, a place where you can be completely yourself and where you all spend most of your time. Or if you want the shoot out in the wild I always suggest we use somewhere that means something to you as a family. This could be a local park, a woodland or even just your back garden.


Perfection isn’t importantShropshire family photography

Your house will never be completely tidy, the kids will never be 100% well behaved and that is okay. Perfection is boring, imperfection is real. I want to photograph the connection between you and your children, I want to photograph those first moments where you’ve just become parents and feel like you’re winging the entire thing. Those magical moments when they first start walking, those first unsteady steps. I want to capture how you look at them and how they look at you, like no one else in the world is more important. Nothing will ever be perfect, and that’s okay, it’s so important to capture those moments, they go by in the blink of an eye.

Your photographs are important to me

I became an Aunt in 2018 (twice!), ever since then I’ve seen how fast babies grow into toddlers and I’ve always found it so important to capture every little thing I can of them growing. I captured their first day, their birthdays and all the tiny little moments in between. It’s so important to me to capture these moments, not just their birthdays but the every day, them eating dinner and getting most of it on their faces. How they look at you while they’re feeding. How they play. This is all so important to me, and I want everyone else to have these beautiful documentary photographs of their children too.


How to book

If you would like some beautiful, documentary photographs of your family, get in touch and tell me all about your family and where you would like your shoot. Family shoots are £250*, they last up to 2 hours, include up to 6 people and you will receive at least 75 images delivered via online gallery.


*Travel fees apply outside Shropshire.