April – Monthly Round up

couple cuddling

April was a surprisingly busy month, especially considering I’m not out shooting at the moment! I’m keeping myself very busy at home with reading, baking, catching up on tv shows and also starting a personal project! Towards the end of April I decided to start a 365 project called The Happiness Endeavour, it’s based on Barbara Ann Kipfer’s book “14,000 things to be happy about”. I’ve gone through the book and underlined all my favourite things and I’m going to pick one every day to base a photograph around. The book mainly focuses on life’s little things which at the moment are the big things. I’m currently on day 15 and I’m really excited to see where the project takes me. I’ll be posting updates on here monthly and I’m updating my Instagram page new @thehappinessendeavor (almost) daily, go and take a peek!

I’ve also been sharing past weddings on my main Instagram page @lisawebbphoto , I’m adoring looking back at all my weddings and it’s filling me with a massive sense of nostalgia! Bookings are now really starting to flood in for 2021 and I’ve unfortunately had to turn a few couples away this week because I’ve already been booked on their dates. Please get in touch soon if you’re planning a 2021 or 2022 wedding and you want me to be there to photograph your day! 2021 is going to be an especially busy one with lots of couples postponing from this year to next, I’m so SO excited for it!

I’ve also started to do a few doorstep photographs around my little village. I love doing these, it’s a great way for me to continue shooting on a voluntary basis and we’ve so far managed to raise £110 for The Trussell Trust and the donations keep coming in! I’m only doing these in my village because I don’t want to be travelling around anywhere unnecessary in my car and everyone’s meeting me outside their front doors at an allotted time at a good distance so no one is put at risk at all. The Trussell Trust is a national food bank charity, food banks are really struggling at the moment and it’s highly likely that more people than ever will need to use them, any help they can get will be really appreciated! Even if I can’t photograph you at the moment, if you want to support The Trussell Trust please feel free to either donate directly to them or you can donate via my Just Giving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lisawebbdoorstep

I hope you’re all well and coping as best you can with life at the moment. You’re all doing an excellent job and I can’t wait to party with all of you at your weddings very soon! x

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