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Siobhan and Daniel Warwick House Wedding

Siobhan and Daniel got married back in September at Warwick House. I ran a competition earlier in the year where you could win your wedding photography and Siobhan and Daniel were the  winners! I did an engagement shoot with them prior to their wedding, which is a great way to get to know each other and also for them to get comfortable with how I work before their big day. You can find their engagement session on the blog here:

Having a chat with them I found they had some lovely ideas for their wedding day and were all round lovely people who were very deserving winners of the competition. They had an outdoor ceremony which was perfect because the weather was beautiful! Straight after their ceremony their guests were treated to a brilliant Luther Vandross tribute act outside, it set a great mood for the afternoon! Warwick House has some lovely big windows that I made use of for portraits of Siobhan and Daniel.

After receiving their images they sent me this lovely message:

“Stood for 40 minutes in the cold and rain today waiting in the queue to pick up my parcel from Royal Mail, it was more than worth it receiving our beautiful package from our fantastic wedding photographer. Lisa, you exceeded all expectations and captured all the natural details just as we both wanted. I love your slideshow and can’t wait to show everybody, thank you for everything.”

I’m so glad you both as happy with your images as I am!

Siobhan and Daniel-4Siobhan and Daniel-12Siobhan and Daniel-16Siobhan and Daniel-20Siobhan and Daniel-21Siobhan and Daniel-31Siobhan and Daniel-36Siobhan and Daniel-44Siobhan and Daniel-49Siobhan and Daniel-52Siobhan and Daniel-54Siobhan and Daniel-58Siobhan and Daniel-59Siobhan and Daniel-62Siobhan and Daniel-67Siobhan and Daniel-77Siobhan and Daniel-81Siobhan and Daniel-84Siobhan and Daniel-87Siobhan and Daniel-90Siobhan and Daniel-93Siobhan and Daniel-99Siobhan and Daniel-101Siobhan and Daniel-106Siobhan and Daniel-108Siobhan and Daniel-110Siobhan and Daniel-115Siobhan and Daniel-116Siobhan and Daniel-117Siobhan and Daniel-131Siobhan and Daniel-132Siobhan and Daniel-138Siobhan and Daniel-150Siobhan and Daniel-153Siobhan and Daniel-159Siobhan and Daniel-161Siobhan and Daniel-169Siobhan and Daniel-171Siobhan and Daniel-178Siobhan and Daniel-180Siobhan and Daniel-182Siobhan and Daniel-185Siobhan and Daniel-186Siobhan and Daniel-197Siobhan and Daniel-203Siobhan and Daniel-206Siobhan and Daniel-208Siobhan and Daniel-209Siobhan and Daniel-213Siobhan and Daniel-218Siobhan and Daniel-223Siobhan and Daniel-227Siobhan and Daniel-235Siobhan and Daniel-237Siobhan and Daniel-238Siobhan and Daniel-242Siobhan and Daniel-253Siobhan and Daniel-254Siobhan and Daniel-260Siobhan and Daniel-263Siobhan and Daniel-280Siobhan and Daniel-282Siobhan and Daniel-288Siobhan and Daniel-290Siobhan and Daniel-291Siobhan and Daniel-293Siobhan and Daniel-295Siobhan and Daniel-296Siobhan and Daniel-297Siobhan and Daniel-298Siobhan and Daniel-299Siobhan and Daniel-302Siobhan and Daniel-338Siobhan and Daniel-339Siobhan and Daniel-342Siobhan and Daniel-344Siobhan and Daniel-345Siobhan and Daniel-348Siobhan and Daniel-355Siobhan and Daniel-361Siobhan and Daniel-369Siobhan and Daniel-372Siobhan and Daniel-373Siobhan and Daniel-377Siobhan and Daniel-379Siobhan and Daniel-380Siobhan and Daniel-397Siobhan and Daniel-398Siobhan and Daniel-400Siobhan and Daniel-402Siobhan and Daniel-410Siobhan and Daniel-411Siobhan and Daniel-413Siobhan and Daniel-414Siobhan and Daniel-426Siobhan and Daniel-447Siobhan and Daniel-449Siobhan and Daniel-456Siobhan and Daniel-458Siobhan and Daniel-464Siobhan and Daniel-467Siobhan and Daniel-468
Make up: Chloe Parasmo
Hair: Nicola Bunn
Videography: Amazingdayz Wedding Films
Venue: Warwick House:
Grass Love Letters: The Fabric Florist:

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