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Photo of the Week – Shustoke Farm Barns

Shustoke Farm Barns

Shustoke Farm Barns

I’ve decided to run a new feature on the blog posting my favourite photograph of the week. Last week was a super busy one, I shot 3 awesome weddings and 2 engagement shoots so choosing my favourite shot was a super hard task! I was at Goldstone Hall, The Heath House and Shustoke Farm Barns for weddings and Attingham Park and Shropshire Petals for the engagement shoots. August is always a busy month, and this week just happened to be the busiest week of the month too!

Here’s Steph and Alex looking absolutely stunning next to their LOVE sign at Shustoke Farm Barns. I absolutely adore the way the light is hitting them through the window and also the soft light that’s coming from the sign. As with most good photographs the light in this is what really makes this photo, side light is always really beautiful and I love the contrast between how they’re lit up and how dark the wall is behind them. Steph and Alex were so easy to photograph, they looked like they were straight out of a magazine and basically didn’t need any direction at all. For this shot I just asked them to stand next to the sign and have a cuddle and this is what they did, super easy! Steph had a really gorgeous long veil too which I knew we had to make use of in this photograph. Shustoke has a lot of areas for really nice couple shots and this area upstairs above the bar is a perfect spot for a rainy wedding. Thankfully it didn’t rain on Steph and Alex’s day, we had some perfect overcast weather but when they asked to use this sign for a photograph I jumped at the chance!

I’m going to be sharing a photo of the week every week from now on. Sometimes they will be wedding photographs, family photographs or personal photographs so keep checking back every week for updates!

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