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Photo of the week – Personal Work


I’m a bit slower on sharing my photo of the week this week because I’ve been a bit ill this weekend! This weeks photo features a daisy in the frost, I went out out for a stroll on Thursday morning with my camera and my macro lens to shoot some close ups of the frost. I love photographing flowers, during Spring and Summer this is the most common thing I photograph (other than weddings!).  I was absolutely over the moon to find this tiny daisy peeking out beneath the frost. This was taken at the side of a road, I had to keep jumping up to avoid cars, I’m fairly sure they all thought I was a bit bonkers! While I was out I also saw some daffodils just popping their heads up too, it seems that Spring is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

This was the only shoot I did this week, behind the scenes there’s been a lot of admin going on with enquiries, accounts and marketing! I read a book called Hashtag Authentic which really inspired me to pick up my camera for personal work again. I’ve also been shooting book covers, reading and really getting prepared for all of this years weddings. I’ve now only got 5 more spaces for 2020 weddings, which is really exciting but equally I hate having to tell people that I’m already booked on their date. If you’re thinking about booking me for your wedding please do get in touch soon!

Remember to check back here again next week to see my next photo of the week!

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