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Photo of the week – Floral Hall

floral hall wedding

This has been another week where it’s been almost impossible to choose my favourite image of the week! I had another two wonderful weddings, the first one was Laura and Jay’s at the fabulous Iscoyd Park and Saturday’s wedding was Hannah and Ed’s at Floral Hall. I also did a really lovely engagement shoot on Monday, it’s been another really hectic week! Hannah and Ed’s is my last wedding until the end of August, I’m doing 6 weddings in August over 3 weekends which means I had TWO wonderful weekends off, which I’m very excited about! Six weddings in one month is the maximum that I will do. I always limit the amount of weddings I do every year, which includes limiting how many weddings I do in one month. I want to give absolutely everything I can to my couples and I know that if I did more than this I’d run out of energy very quickly!

Hannah and Ed had an awesome DIY wedding, they got married at the Methodist church in Werrington and from there headed over to Floral Hall. Floral Hall is a really lovely venue, it’s essentially a village hall that’s surrounded by a large public park. This was absolutely perfect for their couple portraits! This is another week where we’ve been really lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain at all for Hannah and Ed’s wedding, it was just a bit windy which we could definitely cope with!

I love this photograph because of the absolute joy on Hannah and Ed’s faces, these two were not only really lovely humans, their friends and family were too! This photograph just captures a little essence of the fun that was had on their wedding day. It captured right before the got into the car and zoomed off their venue to greet all their wonderful guests.

When I sent over Hannah and Ed’s sneak peeks they said…

“Thank you so much for these! We love them and we’re excited to see the rest 🙂  Thank you for everything on Saturday, nothing was too much for you and there was no stress around the group photos at all! Everyone felt you were very efficient, friendly and unobtrusive. We will definitely recommend you. Glad you had a good day too- we had the time of our lives!”
Check back this time next week to see next week’s photograph of the week!
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