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Photo of the week – Apley Woods

apley woods engagement shoot

It’s been another busy week! I haven’t shot any weddings this week, I shoot a maximum of 6 weddings a month which I have in August however I’m doing a month of 3 double wedding weekends which means I’ve bagged a whole 2 weekends off (in summer!). I love shooting weddings but having time off is super important as well to make sure I don’t burn out and can give my all to every single couple. I photographed Becki and Mike’s engagement shoot on Thursday in Apley Woods which was absolutely lovely! Couple portraits are always my favourite part of a wedding day so I always love doing engagement shoots because it’s basically taking my favourite bit of a wedding day but even more chilled out. I had a wander around Apley Woods with Becki and Mike and we had a good chat about their wedding coming up in October. I loved photographing these two, they barely needed any direction with posing they were so natural together!

As I didn’t have a wedding on Saturday I actually went out on Friday night for curry and a few drinks, it was so lovely seeing so many of my friends again after a hectic summer! I spent Sunday buying a bed and mattress for our house (which we’ll hopefully move into soon!) and on Wednesday I was in Manchester to get my camera and lenses serviced. In between all this I’ve been slogging away with editing, I love seeing the weddings I’ve shot come together during the editing process! This weekend I’m going to Borth with Luke and we don’t really any many plans other than chilling out by the seaside. I’m sure that will involve reading, films, books and wine (and probably fish and chips). Check back again this time next week to see my photo of the week!

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