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My 10 Favourite Winter Wedding Photographs

winter wedding at pendrell hall

I absolutely love winter weddings. There’s something about winter that I absolutely adore, there’s nothing I love more than curling up inside reading a book or watching a film, under a blanket while it’s really cold outside. Equally, I also love shooting some absolutely epic winter weddings. They’re normally so cosy, there’s always a great party atmosphere and winter light really is something pretty special. Check out my 10 favourite winter wedding photographs…

Sparklers at Pendrell Hall

This photograph of Eleanor and Martyn holding sparklers at Pendrell Hall is one of my all time favourite photographs I’ve taken. Sparklers are a great idea for winter weddings as it’s definitely going to be dark enough for us to use them! You don’t always need to grab your guests for the sparkler shot, we can create something pretty magic by just using one or two with the two of you. Pendrell Hall has a really gorgeous hidden section out the front of the venue that gets lit up in the evening. This is absolutely perfect for portraits at night, which in winter obviously comes sooner in the day! I love how the lights are reflecting off all the beads on Eleanors dress in this shot!

winter wedding at The Mount Hotel

Getting Cosy for Couple Portraits at The Mount Hotel

Stacey and Ant had their awesome Autumn/Winter wedding at The Mount Hotel in Wolverhampton. The colours at this time of year are always stunning and it just so happened that Stacey also happened to have gorgeous red hair that tied in! Their colour scheme was very red and orange so we incorporated this into their couple portraits by using the woodland area that is in the grounds of The Mount Hotel. Stacey also wore a beautiful faux fur shawl which not only kept her warm but also helped with the cosy look of their photos!

winter wedding at home

Couple Portraits in the Garden

At home weddings are basically some of my favourite ever weddings to shoot. They’re normally really intimate days with only the couples nearest and dearest people there. This is exactly what Ella and Jonny did for their December wedding last year. They had their ceremony at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery and then went back home to have a beautiful meal with their closest family. Because Ella and Jonny were both getting ready at home and travelling together for the ceremony we did a first look. After the first look we then carried on shooting their couple portraits out in the garden at Ella’s family home. I love this photograph for so many reasons! The absolute joy on both Ella and Jonny’s faces, that gorgeous winter light, the orange tones of the hedge and the washing line that’s strung up behind them. I could have edited the washing line out but to me it’s a little detail of their home and I absolutely love it!

winter wedding at home

Embracing Windy Fields

Diana and Daniel had already been married for quite some time already when they popped over to the UK in January to have a blessing and celebration at Daniel’s family home. When they got in touch I knew their wedding was right up my street, photographing people who have been married for a few years already is just as awesome as photographing people who are just getting wed. They weren’t having a big party or lots of guests so they only needed a few hours coverage. I don’t offer short coverage on prime dates in Summer because I’m nearly always booked for a full day wedding or else enjoying a nice Saturday off! In winter I only do a handful of weddings as this is my downtime, so I always love shooting short coverage weddings like this one! For Daniel and Diana’s couple portraits we went into a field right next to Daniel’s old family home. This is my favourite shot for the whole wedding, I love how intimate it feels and the wind really makes this shot for me, the way it’s moving Diana’s hair!

winter outdoor wedding

Outdoor First Dance

This shot of Melissa and Peter doing their first dance is one of my favourite first dance shots ever! Melissa and Peter had their wedding in the Australian Bush in June, which is their winter. This meant it was dark at 5pm which worked perfectly for some amazing winter light for their portraits and also meant it was pitch black for their first dance. When I was speaking to Melissa and Peter before their wedding I just recommended that they put as many lights around outside as possible so that we could still get some awesome images after dark. They took my advice and it looked amazing! I love the festoon lights that they’d strung up everywhere, especially coupled with lots of bunting! This shot was taken not using any flash at all, purely ambient light which I think really adds to the winter feel of their wedding. I think outdoor first dances should definitely be more of a thing, they’re amazing!

winter wedding at iscoyd park

Winter Light at Iscoyd Park

Charlotte and James got married in February at Iscoyd Park. I’m a recommended supplier for Iscoyd Park so I’m lucky enough to shoot there a few times a year. I always tell people that Iscoyd is the perfect venue for winter weddings because no matter what the weather does, there’s always somewhere for us to go. With Iscoyd the inside is just as gorgeous as the outside! We were lucky enough to get no rain for Charlotte and James’ wedding, not only that but we got some absolutely gorgeous light for their couple portraits! With sunset being much earlier in winter, it normally means golden hour falls at exactly the right time for couple portraits, producing the gorgeous soft light!

winter shoot in brisbane

Portraits under fairy lights

Fairy lights are never a bad idea. This is one wedding craze that I hope never dies out because they always look amazing. They’re especially beautiful when they’re used in winter weddings when light might be a little more sparse and you’re trying to create a really cosy feel for your photographs. Mitch and Tyson had a shoot with me in Brisbane and we literally stumbled across this epic tree full of fairy lights and I did a little happy dance. This is my favourite shot from the entire shoot and one of my all time favourites from last year. Not only are these two killing it with the cosy vibes, the fairy lights really topped this photograph off for me. We ended the shoot here as I knew there was no way I was going to top this shot! I’d really recommend investing in a tonne of fairy lights for a winter wedding so we can use it as a super cosy backdrop!

winter wedding at rowton castle

Winter Wedding at Rowton Castle

Here’s the winter light smashing it again! Shauni and Tom had a beautiful February wedding at Rowton Castle and we did their couple portraits out in the woodland there. There were snowdrops lining the ground and stunning winter sunlight coming through the trees during golden hour, I was in my element! In summer I sometimes have to wait until 9pm or later to get this quality of light so it’s always a treat in winter to get it earlier in the day! Rowton Castle is another wedding venue that is perfect for winter weddings, I’ve done a few there now and always love going back, especially during winter!

winter wedding at iscoyd park

Cuddling up in the library at Iscoyd Park

As I mentioned earlier Iscoyd Park is the perfect setting for a winter wedding. Becky and James had their wedding there in February, we managed to do all their group shots outside and some of their couple portraits too! While we were shooting their couple portraits it started to rain a little bit so we decided to head on into Iscoyd up the library. I LOVE the library at Iscoyd. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I love books, so any photographs I can take that involve books is a win! Iscoyd’s library has a very cosy feel to it, with lots of orange tones and red walls, so it’s the perfect setting for winter portraits.

winter wedding at home

First Dance next to the Christmas Tree

This is another shot from Ella and Jonny’s lovely December wedding. Even though they only had a really small number of guests they still did a first dance which I really loved. They did it in the conservatory of Ella’s family home, surrounded by their close family, right next to the Christmas tree. Ella and Jonny’s wedding took place between Christmas and New Year, these days are often very sleepy and forgetful but Ella and Jonny made it one to remember by continuing with their Christmas celebrations. All the windows in the conservatory meant there was loads of light pouring into the room for this shot! I love that you can see their family clapping along on the edge of the frame, the Christmas tree in the corner and Jonny’s smiling face!

If you’re planning a Winter wedding I’d love to hear from you! I’ve still got a handful of dates left for November, December, January and February and I’d love to get a few more winter weddings booked in!

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