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January 2018

January has been a lovely (and busy!) month. Starting from this month I’m going to be doing monthly updates of what I’ve been up to outside of all the lovely weddings I’ve got lined up! I’ll also be sharing some of my personal work… I absolutely loved 2017 however I found it flew by in a flash so this is just my way of taking a moment to reflect on things that I’ve done each month. I’ve got such an exciting year coming up, including a trip to Australia and Snap Photography Festival!

This month Luke and I went to the Cotswolds for a few days to celebrate both of our birthdays and also just to have a bit of time away together. He’s currently based down in Oxfordshire at the moment for work so it was nice to take a bit of time out together. We stayed in the lovely village of Quenington, I didn’t actually take many photographs of this as we spent one of the days reading and having a big nap!

I also went to a business planning retreat organised by Snap Photography Festival. Twelve of us stayed in a huge Airbnb in High Wycombe and chatted about life, played board games, drank wine, ate good food and did a bit of business planning too! It was so lovely to hear other people’s ideas and share some of my own ideas too. I planning to go to as many meet ups as I can this year, I love spending time with other creatives, it also stops the onset of cabin fever than can come with self employed life!

For 2018 I’ve challenged myself to read 50 books, I’m going to be keeping track of what I’ve read here too!

I watched:


Death Note
The End of the F*cking World
Pretty Little Liars
Black Mirror


The Greatest Showman
Spiderman – Homecoming
Death Note
The Darkest Hour

I Read:

I Never Gave My Consent – Holly Archer
Turtles All The Way Down – John Green
Stopping The Noise in your Head – Dr Reid Wilson

St Swithin Church Quenington



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