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How to choose the right confetti for your wedding day

Shropshire Petals have jumped on the blog for me today and give lots of awesome advice about choosing the right confetti for your wedding day. Shropshire Petals is the only natural flower confetti company that I wholeheartedly recommend! I shot Ashley’s wedding from Shropshire Petals last year, where they used a whole 10 litre of confetti for one shot, it looked incredible and I’ve had loads of my couples ask me since how to achieve that effect. Shropshire Petals is here to give you all the advice you could ever need about choosing your confetti!

Choosing the right confetti may seem like an easy task but there is a lot to consider in order to get that perfect confetti photo! If you need some help in choosing what is the right confetti for your big day, don’t worry Shropshire Petals is here to help! 

Shropshire Petals

The first thing to consider before choosing your confetti is to find out the rules and regs of what your venue will accept.  Many venues will only accept natural confetti as it is biodegradable and doesn’t need to be cleaned up. Make sure you speak to your venue before the big day, they will also be able to help you decide on the best location for your perfect confetti shot. If your venue does accept biodegradable confetti then don’t worry, all our petals are 100% biodegradable, natural and dye free!

Next, make sure you speak to your photographer about the types of shots you would like and where you would like them; showing examples of other shots you have seen from other couples’ weddings can be a great way to explain what you want. The most popular way of having the confetti shot as you walk out the venue, but other good locations can be in a lush garden or on a stairwell. Either way, just make sure the guests know how to throw confetti so no one gets a face full of petals!

Shropshire Petals

To get the iconic fluttering confetti shot, we would recommend one of our mixes with some of the smaller petal varieties. Delphiniums and wildflower petals are perfect for throwing confetti as they are small and lightweight. This will give a lovely fluttering effect when it falls as the petals are light and soft. This will help your photographer get the best confetti shot possible and have that few extra seconds to capture the special moment.

To decide the colour of your confetti, think about not only your colour scheme, but the location of the shot. Light coloured petals like our Pink Lemonade or Mellow Meadow mixes will stand out beautifully against a dark background. In a light open area choosing a mix with a bit more colour will help get a epic confetti shot; try our NEW Fairy-tale mix for a magical moment!

Although most of us will try and match our confetti to the weddings overall colour scheme some of the most beautiful confetti shots come from our more colourful mixes. This burst of colour is captured well in photographs, so don’t always feel that you have to match the confetti to the rest of your wedding! For some colourful petals why not try our Tutti Fruity mix pictured below.

Once you have picked your mix don’t forget you can use our confetti calculator to see how much you will need for the big day! We would recommend ordering your confetti in good time for it to arrive however, you can also use our delayed delivery service and we will dispatch your order to arrive 3-6 weeks before your big day!

We hope this has helped you on your confetti journey! If you need any more help or advice don’t forget to head over to Shropshire Petals Advice page or feel free to send us a message! 

Love as always SP X

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