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Five Goals for 2020

2020 is now fully upon us so I thought it was time to start thinking about goals that I’d like to set myself for the new year. I’m not really into the whole “New Year, New Me” thing, I’m honestly pretty happy with where I’m at in my life (though doing more exercise and eating better is pretty much a constant goal of mine!). I do however absolutely love a new start and setting myself goals. Being self employed I’m very self motivated and goal orientated. I love setting myself goals and doing the work it takes to achieve them. I set myself a goal every year to book around 25-30 weddings, I’ve achieved this every year so far and I honestly do a little happy dance every time someone books me! I’ve complied a little list of business and personal goals that I’d like to achieve this year. Have a read below of mine and I’d also absolutely love to hear some of yours!

Shoot more family photography

Family photography is honestly something that I’ve shied away from for far too long. Being the youngest in my family I’ve always been a bit unsure with how to talk to kids so it’s stopped me from doing much family photography in the past. Since I became an Auntie (TWICE!) in 2018 I’ve realised how much fun I’ve been missing out on and how much I really love hanging out with kids. My niece is now 19 months and my nephew is 1, they’re the funniest people I know and if I had my way I’d get to hang out with them all the time. I’m really excited to shoot more family photography in 2020. I did a couple of maternity shoots last year that I absolutely loved and I’m really excited to photograph their little ones when they’re born too. I’m going to be properly launching the family side of my business this year and I cannot wait! Weddings will of course still take the precedence over my weekends however I will be offering family shoots on weekdays and select weekend dates. Just watch this space!

Set up Brand 100

Another photography project that I’ve been meaning to set up for a while is Brand 100. It’s a personal branding photography project where I will be offering a 1 hour personal branding shoot to 100 businesses for £100. I love working with and supporting other small businesses, and I also love shooting personal branding photography. It will consist of shooting a bit of what the business does, ie. if they’re a florist I’ll photograph them putting together a bouquet, for a baker I’d shoot them icing a cake, etc. And it also involves photographing the person behind the business too. Small business rely on very few people so it’s really important that people who are buying your products, know who you are as a person. Personal branding photography is great for social media pictures and website images. Even if you’ve got the most amazing product, if you don’t have great photos of it it won’t reach it’s full potential. This is something I’m going to be working on throughout 2020 and beyond. If you’re a small business that’s interested in taking part in this then just pop me a message!

Blog 3 times a week

This seems like quite a meta thing to write in a blog post but I want to make sure I’m blogging 3 times a week. I currently still have a backlog of weddings and engagement shoots to blog from last year that I’d really like to get out there and show the world. Most of the blog posts will be scheduled in advance because I generally don’t have to time to sit and blog 3 separate times in a week but I think it’s really important to have blogs and new content constantly coming out. I want one of these weekly blog posts to be advice, usually around weddings or it might feature self employment advice etc. Let me know if there’s something that you’d like me to write a blog about and I’ll add it to the list!

Read 60 books

This one’s a personal goal for 2020. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have noticed that I read, a lot. In 2019 I managed to read 58 books which I’m really pleased with as I’d set myself a goal of 50. I’ve upped the goal this year to 60 books and I’m going to be reading my way through my extensive collection of books that I own and haven’t yet read and also loads of books from my local library. If you’re on Goodreads please give me a follow! You can also keep up to date with what I’m currently reading on Instagram, I’m always happy to recommend a holiday read!

Sell one book cover photograph

Last year I started shooting book covers and uploading them to a creative stock website called Arc Angel. I love shooting book covers, I basically just treat it like a personal project and try to shoot at least 1 thing a day, I edit and upload them at the end of the week and cross my fingers that one will sell. The more I have uploaded the more chance that I will sell an image. I really enjoy shooting book covers as it keeps my creative head working, even out of wedding season. It’s not something I’m particularly doing to earn money but it would be absolutely amazing if I was able to sell 1 image by the end of 2020. This of course isn’t a goal I have much control over, the only thing I can do to try to achieve this is to keep shooting.

Those are my 5 goals for 2020. They might evolve during the year and I might add more goals to the list. I intend to do a follow up blog in June to assess where I’m at with achieving the goals, fingers crossed I’ll be at least halfway there!

I would love to hear about your own goals for 2020!

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