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Custard Factory Meet up


One of the main things about this job that I absolutely adore (aside from getting to photograph couples in love every weekend), is the community that comes with it. I’m friends with a wide range of photographers all over the country who very strongly believe in community over competition. This simply means that we all try to help each other out where possible, rather than shunning each other and fighting each other for work. Wedding photography can definitely be a very competitive industry, there are a lot of us about but we’ve all got something different to offer and there are a lot of couples getting married!


I met up with three of these lovely ladies at the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham to have a coffee (or two), a chat and also photograph each other. This meant that I had to take a turn on being the other side of the lens, which is pretty nerve wracking but also necessary! I think every photographer should have the experience of having their photograph taken by another professional photographer, you’ll realise just how self conscious everyone must feel when they’re in front of your lens and also pick up more ideas for making people feel comfortable.

Doing this shoot also tested my ability in terms of posing people by themselves. I think one of my strengths with couples is my ability to pose them and getting them to be comfortable in front of my camera. A one on one situation is very different, it was a challenge but I really enjoyed it!


I also loved getting to see more of the Custard Factory and Digbeth, I’d actually really love to do an engagement shoot (or even a wedding portrait session!) here! If you’re still trying to think of where you’d like to go for your engagement shoot, Digbeth is definitely a strong choice, it’s so quirky and provides such an amazing backdrop!

Image by: Electric Blue

Image by: Curious Rose

Image by: Rock Salt Photography

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