Apley Woods Engagement Shoot – Jodie & James

Jodie and James’ engagement shoot was the last shoot I did before our entire world got tipped upside down. They were due to get married two weeks after this shoot and a few days later it became clear that their wedding wouldn’t be able to happen when they planned. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to blog their lovely engagement shoot but I think honestly we were all in a state of shock and it’s taken me this long to process it all! Jodie and James are finally tying the knot in a few weeks at Iscoyd Park and I am SO excited to be there to photograph it. They booked me all the way back in 2017 so it’s been a long time coming and they absolutely deserve the best day ever!

I always tell my couples that the first 10 minutes of an engagement shoot is a bit weird. Often it’s the first time we’ll have met and I’m going to be taking photos of you both cuddling for the best part of 2 hours, it’s not a normal way to spend your day. After that 10 minutes though you start to forget about the camera in my hand and you start concentrating more on each other and actually having a bloody good time! I loved photographing Jodie and James and I’m so glad we got to at least do their engagement shoot before we weren’t allowed out of the house for months. I can’t quite count the amount of times I must have complimented Jodie’s amazing hair during their shoot, I would die for that length and thickness! Pop back here in a few months to see their wedding!


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