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Albrighton Hall Hotel Wedding – George & Mai

St Mary The Virgin Church

George and Mai got married at St Mary The Virgin church in Shawbury and had their reception back at Albrighton Hall Hotel. I was such a wonderful ceremony and celebration of their love. The ceremony was made even more special because George’s dad was the vicar!

After I delivered George and Mai’s wedding I received an email from George’s mum. She sadly couldn’t attend the wedding so the photographs helped to bring the day to life for her. The following email completely blew my socks off…

“Although I have been told lots of things about the wedding, I was eagerly waiting for the photos so I could picture the event too.

George and Mai emailed us the link into their gallery yesterday evening and I was at the computer straight away. We really do owe Sophie a giant thank you for putting us in touch with you. Your photographs are very special and you have captured every aspect of the day in such a way that I can feel it was a special day, that everyone was happy and enjoying themselves and it was just what we all wanted. I don’t know how you have managed it, but you have made the emotion in every photo almost palpable and the occasion so real it feels like I was part of it all and there with everyone else.

I know you tend to have to have a few staged group family photos, but even these don’t feel stiff and posed and there are just the right number of them. George and Mai didn’t want a formal wedding which we agreed with, but did want the elements that make up a wedding -the church service, reception, confetti, cutting of the cake, speeches etc. You have caught everyone looking relaxed and enjoying all these moments. There are so many smiles and laughter and guests being ‘normal’, you must have blended in in such a way that no one realised they were being photographed, or were expected to sit up straight and behave themselves.

The private photos of George and Mai are very moving and beautiful, but even so, we can still see their characters in the photos. You have caught George’s cheeky sense of humour well and Mai’s elegance and gentleness too. Mai really is a beautiful bride and George was looking after his new wife so sensitively, but with a twinkle in his eye, all of which you caught.

The actual photos are of an excellent quality. The mixture of black and white ones and coloured ones go together perfectly. The colours are bright and clear and the clarity of all the photos and wide range of situations and guests, together with the photos of the hotel and reception have given me real pictures in my mind of a day I wish I could have been at. I now know how happy my son was, how gorgeous his bride looked, I can almost tell exactly what they were feeling at various moments and most of all I have seen them from the very beginning of their marriage and future together.

Thank you for making all this possible for me. Your skill, gentle guidance where necessary, flair for making photos show personalities and almost come alive and your ability to understand what the couple really wanted has made choosing which photos to print almost impossible. You achieved all this without disturbing the Service or being domineering in ordering the guests around and without boring the pants off everyone as wedding photographers sometimes do.{This last bit is what David, my husband says after taking weddings for more than 30 years.}

So an enormous thank you for giving me some memories I wouldn’t have otherwise had. We would both recommend you to anyone!”

This, this is my why.

Albrighton Hall HotelAlbrighton Hall HotelAlbrighton Hall Hotel


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