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70’s Style Shoot


So every now and then I move away from wedding photography to photograph something a little different. As much as I love shooting weddings and I love shooting couples it’s super important that I still photograph for fun and also photograph things and people that have absolutely nothing to do with work. This helps to keep my love alive for it and also means I get to play around with different techniques too.

Rosie got in touch asking if I’d like to do a styled 70’s shoot. I’ve worked with Rosie quite a few times before so I know she’s not only lovely but absolutely wonderful in front of the camera too. I find couples very easy to pose, mainly because I don’t do much over posing, it’s more just a bit of gentle direction, I do however struggle a little bit with posing people by themselves. This is why this is such a good exercise! There were no expectations from either me or Rosie because this was a collaboration, it was a simple case of just meeting in some woodland and taking a few nice photographs.

Rosie bought a couple of outfits to change into, all of the ones she bought along worked really well for the shoot! She’s also very good at posing herself however I did get chance to practice my skills at posing a model without a partner!

The images that I love the most from this shoot are the ones where there appears to be a misty effect within the image. This was done on shoot, it’s not an effect I added in post production. I simply got a bit of cling film and wrapped it round my lens so it was creeping into view. This was an effect I’d been wanting to try for a little while and this was the perfect opportunity because it went along with the shoot so well too!

If you’re a model and you’d like to collaborate on a shoot, get in touch!

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